What makes a woman physically attractive to a man?

Physical Traits That Grab Men’s Attention | What constitutes a physically attractive female?
  1. Males care about looks more than females do

    In many cases, a male can base his choice solely on looks, whereas women usually look for many other things in addition to looks. In some cases, women can also sacrifice looks for the sake of resources.

  2. Low waist to hip ratio

    Men find women with low waist to hip ratio to be attractive. Studies have found that the ideal ratio is 0.8.

  3. Full lips

    Full lips make a woman seem more attractive because they signal fertility.

  4. Men get attracted to signs that signal fertility

    Men are hardwired to look for the more fertile woman in order to increase the chances of reproduction. Many of the things that make a woman attractive to a man are indirect signs that indicate that the woman is fertile.

  5. Big eyes

    Men find women with big and wide eyes more attractive. Testosterone production usually makes the eye smaller and so a woman with large eyes seems more feminine to men. (See Why Do Men Find Women With Big Eyes Attractive?)

  6. Facial symmetry

    Both men and women find symmetrical faces more attractive than asymmetrical faces. A symmetric face is an indication of good genetic quality.

  7. Long hair

    Long hair can make a woman seem more feminine and can make her more attractive to men.

  8. Small facial features

    Women who have smaller facial features are regarded as more feminine by men. A smaller nose, for example, can make a woman more attractive. (See What makes female face attractive?)

  9. Breast size

    While the ideal breast size differs from a man to another, most women prefer big breasts.

  10. The shape of the desired features depends on the man’s background

    One man might prefer a woman with a round face, while another man might prefer a woman with a straight sharp face. The preference for the face shape and the style of features depends on the man’s past experiences and background.

  11. A slim body

    Long ago, men thought that heavy women who had a low waist to hip ratio were attractive. As the media programmed the minds of men, the general preference moved towards the more slim women.

  12. A woman’s smile

    A study has found that men found women who smiled often to be more attractive than those who didn’t.

  13. High pitched voice

    Men get attracted to women with a high pitched feminine voice.

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