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How to Reply to What’s Up?

What’s up is a casual greeting or an idiomatic expression. It can also be an inquiry of a recent situation or event, as seen on social media. Or a courteous way of greeting someone in general. Although the expressions what’s up and how are you are occasionally used interchangeably, they are not synonymous. The way you would react to a friend is different from how you would react to a stranger. We shall look at how to reply to what’s up in this article based on the situation and different social settings.

1. How to Reply to What’s Up?

It is typically used as a greeting and a way to inquire about someone’s well-being and what is going on in their lives. The meaning of the phrase what’s up may correspond to asking someone what’s wrong with them or what’s going on right now.

You might hear this phrase from one of your friends, lover, colleagues, or strangers. But, how to reply to what’s up? Take a look at some of the most popular responses:

  • Nothing out of the ordinary.
  • The same old thing.
  • Hello! What’s up, dude?
  • Everything is fine here! What about your life?
  • I am doing fine. Thank you for inquiring!
  • It’s a beautiful day!
  • I’m doing well today and also the weather is beautiful.

2. How to Give What’s Up Reply to Boy?

Boys are curious about your activities. Having a male best friend is like a roller coaster ride. You can respond to their ‘what’s up’ in a funny and witty way. Or you can share the problem if you want. Some guys also appreciate your encouragement and casual conversation. Below are the finest what’s up responses to a boy.

  • Hey, just going off to work. What are your plans?
  • How Are You Doing?
  • Just going to eat, come to join in.
  • You are doing great just give your best.

3. How to Reply to What’s Up to Girl?

Guys and girls have distinct preferences when it comes to what they search for in a companion. Girls have stronger emotions and demand assurance and consideration. So, these are a few what’s up responses to a girl: 

  • You have been on my mind.
  • I’m just talking to you.
  • You look pretty.
  • I am missing you, let’s catch up on weekend.

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4. How to Give What’s Up Answer in Funny Way?

Sometimes you would think of how to give what’s up answer in funny way. Going to speak with a stranger differs from speaking with a close friend. A humorous response is distinct from a flirtatious or highly predictable one. Check out a few of the funny responses: 

  • It’s Sky: This is a common response when asked what’s up in the sky in a funny way or to make the person asking laugh. The sky is basically telling them what is going on above their heads, but this is not what people intended whenever they inquired what’s up.
  • The Roof: This is another good one. You can be more descriptive regarding where you are instead of just mentioning the sky. If you mention the ceiling, the person may get the feeling that you are inside rather than outside.
  • Apart from these, you can say your cholesterol and blood pressure are up: People typically respond funnily because they are humorous and it resembles more casual greetings. Therefore, you should avoid utilizing them in formal situations anywhere around the company you aren’t comfortable with.

5. How to Reply to What’s Up in a Flirty Way?

It might be difficult to flirt over text, especially while having a casual discussion. So, how can you show your affection for your current or future mate? You don’t want to appear to be going overboard! Here’s how to reply to what’s up in a flirty way. Use these flirtatious comments only if you are confident that you will not embarrass or offend anyone. Never cross the line!

  • My folks are not home. Want to visit? 
  • I’m Better Now That I am Talking to You
  • I’ve been meaning to say these three little words to you: Bring Pizza Now.
  • Watching a Movie. Wish You Were Here
  • I and you both are single. I believe we can tackle this problem collectively.

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6. How to Reply to What’s Up in Text Message?

JAN23 How to Reply to What's Up

It can be difficult to decide what to text someone. When messaging someone, there are several choices to make: should I use emoticons or not? Also, it is confusing how to keep a conversation going. Here are some text message responses to your question about how to reply to what’s up in text messages.

  • Give a thumbs up in Emoji
  • I’m ok
  • I’m not feeling great.
  • Same as before
  • Nothing Special.

7. How to Continue Hey What’s Up Conversation?

Maintain a cheerful and friendly tone in your response. What’s up is frequently used in place of how are you? These responses are a polite approach to convey to a friend or a complete stranger. And ‘What’s up’ invites a more in-depth discussion:

  • Hey, I’m just working. What are your plans?
  • Just returned from a dog walk. How was your day?
  • I’m washing some laundry. How are things up with you?
  • Nothing to complain about. What’s up, dude?

8. How to Respond to What’s Up on Tinder?

At times, you might overwhelm and think about how to reply to what’s up in a flirty or casual way on tinder. Start the conversation wholesome and silly. It is when you are seeking a relationship or an actual date rather than a come-over-to-bang date. You’ll be able to determine the tone of your match right away:

  • Since you’re adorable, I’ll give you one more opportunity. Everyone is familiar with a what’s up, which is indeed a low-effort initial message.
  • Make fun of them for sending such a brief opener.
  • Compliment them for their looks.
  • Ask them about the weirdest profiles they’ve come across if you’re uncomfortable or are unsure of what you should mention after what’s up.
  • After all the swiping and typing, my thumbs need a break. Want to go out tonight for drinks and a meal? Would be a great approach to move forward in conversations.

9. How can You Flirt Over Text?

Here’s how to reply in a flirty way over text messages

  • Which alphabetic letters are your favorites? I and U are mine.
  • When will I be able to see you again? Choose a day with the letter y.
  • My friends are curious whether you think I’m attractive. What should I say?
  • I gave Santa your Instagram when he asked what I wanted for Christmas.
  • Your love tastes good than ice cream and has fewer calories.
  • Hello, stranger! Why are we still strangers, you ask? Let’s change it.
  • What color do my eyes have? If you require a closer look, please let me know.
  • I dislike everyone around except for you.
  • You make me think of someone. Oh, it’s my new partner in crime!

10. How can You Respond to What’s Up on Dating Apps?

Confused about how to reply to what’s up on dating apps? Worry not! The sentences listed below will help you out.

  • Say hello to them back.
  • Send a GIF or an emoji.
  • Ask them how they are doing.
  • Ask them what attracted them to you.
  • Mention anything from their profile.

Starting and holding up a conversation is quite a cumbersome task. Whereas giving back a sassy reply to simple questions will lift the other person’s mood. Well, today you learned how to reply to what’s up in a sassy and humorous way to binge the other person’s chat with you. I guess you are good to go. Come find out What does Demonetized on YouTube Mean?


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