What is Expository Text Meaning?

Expository writing is a form of writing that defines or describes something and at the same time entertains the audience. The main purpose of expository text is to educate the reader.
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Writing is one of the best ways to express your emotions and connect with others. It is a medium of communication that is the most reliable. Words have the power to create magic when used carefully and purposefully. But do you know that the types of writing are just not the same for everything? There are different forms of writing as well with different uses and meanings. It becomes important to know which style should be used. This article is going to talk about expository text meaning. You are going to know about the expository style of writing and everything related to it. So, let’s come!

1. What is the Best Definition of Expository?

Expository writing is a form of writing which is meaning to define or describe something. It is intended to explain the thing and state facts rather than for the purpose of persuasion or entertainment. It is done to analyze and explain something by presenting an idea or through relevant discussion. To sum up, they are non-fiction texts which aim to pass on some information and knowledge. (See What is an Example of Expository Text?)

2. What are Examples of Expository?

Some of the most prominent examples of expository writing are:

  • Scientific reports
  • Magazine and newspaper articles
  • Academic essays

3. What is Expository Text Meaning?

Let’s see the expository text meaning here. Expository texts are non-fiction texts. They are written to provide some information and knowledge as opposed to the texts that entertain or manipulate the audience. These texts are objective in nature. They are the facts that are presented in their original form. The purpose of expository text is to educate the reader. They describe and define things in their real form. They focus specifically on what they are meaning to say or explain and do not just beat around the bush.

They are concrete texts that provide clear and correct information. The expository text meaning provides complete information on the topic and the writer does not assume that the reader knows about the information that they present before them. (See What are Features of Blog?)

4. What is an Expository Text Example?

Some examples of expository texts are:

  • Newspaper articles
  • Research papers
  • Magazine articles
  • How-to manuals
  • Assembly instructions

5. What are the Types of Expository Text?

JAN23 What is Expository Text Meaning
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There are 6 major types of expository texts. The expository text meaning of these types is explained here:

  • Compare and contrast essay: As the name suggests, these are the type of essays that compare and contrast two things. Comparison is the similarity present in two things while contrast is their difference. The things that are compared and contrasted should belong to the same category. For example, comparing two restaurants.
  • Cause and effect essay: Here, the writer aims to find the cause of something and the effect it might have as a result. It studies the reason why something has happened and the effect it may cause. The cause and effect essay is categorized into two types, block structure, and chain structure. In block structure, all the causes are presented first which are then followed by their effects respectively. In chain structure, every cause is followed by its respective effect straight away.
  • Problem and solution essay: In this type of text, the writer first identifies the problem and then writes down its solution. The problem is studied from multiple aspects and perspectives before finding a solution to it. It shares a little similarity with the cause-and-effect essay.
  • Classification essay: This type of essay divides the topic into categories and classifications. These categories are further explained in detail to clarify the terms and topics. For example, different types of formal pants.
  • Process essay: A process essay is a type of expository text where the process of something is shared. This type of writing includes the step-by-step process of doing or making something. It is a how-to manual. For example, how to bake a cake or how to assemble an instrument.
  • Definition essay: This type of expository text provides a definition for something. It explains the thing in detail, while also explaining what the terms mean. It also explains the terms and topics according to the context in which they are used. It explains the what, how, and why of the topic while also explaining its purpose.

6. How do you Identify Expository Text?

It becomes easy to identify expository text once you have known the expository text meaning. The expository style uses clear and concrete information. They provide accurate facts and figures on topics that they aim to explain. They have a focused language. The expository text is made up of logical arguments that define and explain. It is meant to educate the reader. This type of text does not entertain or persuade the reader but tends to look more at the correct and accurate information. They begin with the author’s opinion and start with an introductory statement. 

7. What are the Characteristics of Expository Text?

The characteristics of expository text are explained below.

  • Informative: These texts are very informative and their aim is to explain the topic in detail. They provide accurate information about the topic.
  • Clarity: Expository texts are very clear in terms of definition and explanation. They are directly described and do not have statements that can change their meaning.
  • Organized: These texts are well organized and have a proper structure. They follow a sequence to give accurate information.
  • Unbiased: Expository texts are highly unbiased. They provide concrete information and talk about facts. They share information that is accurate and do not mainly share the view of the writer on the topic.

8. What is the Main Purpose of Expository Text?

The main purpose of expository text is to educate the reader. They aim to provide accurate information on the given topic without any biases. The facts and figures provided in these texts are correct. They are written to pass on information and knowledge. They have a defined structure and clear language that goes along with the style of this writing. (See What is a Text Structure Definition?)

9. What is Expository Style of Writing?

The expository style of writing is a type of non-fiction writing. This is an objective style of writing that provides close-ended information. They are written to provide accurate information on the topic without any biases. They provide a neutral aspect of things and do not favor any particular thing. They provide correct knowledge and information to the readers. They are not meant for the purpose of entertainment and do not manipulate or persuade the reader. This style of writing analyzes and explains things. The characteristics of expository text include its organized and unbiased nature. 

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