What is an Example of Expository Text?

What is an Expository Text? What makes a Text Expository? What are the most common Types of Expository Writing? What are Good Expository Topics?
JAN23 What is an Example of Expository Text?

There are moments in life when you search for brief and accurate pieces of information in a writing. In such cases, the best content would include details along with a description. This text can be termed expository text. The examples of expository text emerge from everyday life. The imperative tone is a characteristic of expository text examples. There are many interesting ways to look at expository texts. So, keep reading to know more about what is an example of expository text.

1. What is Expository Text?

A text that deals with facts, figures, and specific motives can be termed an expository text. Selection and classification of topics and subtopics are characteristics of an expository text. The intended readers include students, teachers, employers, employees, and the common man. It offers an easy read into the different elements and aspects of a particular topic. There are different kinds of expository texts that range from descriptive to comparative texts. (See What Does K Mean In Text?)

2. What are the Elements of Expository Text?

An expository text involves a concise view of a complex issue, content, or written work. Moreover, certain elements become significant in expository texts. They are an organization, classification, comparison, and solution. The topic also plays an important role in the outlook of the text. The organization of the content allows the writer to order and sequence various goals and arguments. Classification provides the basic structure through separate paragraphs and subtopics. To represent a good understanding of the topic, the writer can compare different aspects of the text. Solutions are usually addressed after the reader is given a thorough overview of the content and the problem. All of these elements are equally important if you want to write an expository text. Also, check out the words to describe the Sea. 

3. Is Expository the same as Informative?

No, they are not similar even though these two texts share common attributes.

  • An informative text provides an extended version of the expository text. It provides a wider outlook on the topic. On the other hand, the expository text provides a simpler version of the informative text.
  • Unlike expository texts, informative texts do not strictly adhere to organization and classification. The purpose of an informative text is to inform everything in a comprehensible manner.
  • Certain aspects of imagination are traced in an expository text when expository text examples are analyzed. It is used to persuade the reader and convince them. On the other hand, informative text completely adheres to details, facts, and figures. (See What does RD Mean in Text?)

4. What are the 6 Types of Expository Texts?

The variety in expository texts can be seen in their types. There are 6 major categories which include description or definition essay, classification essay, process essay, cause and effect essay, compare and contrast essay, and problem and solution essay. (See What does k stand for in Money?)

5. What are the most common Types of Expository Writing?

The most common types of expository writing include articles, textbooks, and guides. These writings can be classified under the description, cause and effect, compare and contrast, or problem and solution essays.

  • Descriptive expository writing contains short descriptions and classifications of the given topic. For example, a description essay on cleanliness.
  • In cause and effect essays, the text explains the origin of a particular thing in a process and ends in the consequences of the same. For example, expository text on a disease like cancer.
  • Compare and contrast essays deal with two or more ideas or elements of a broad topic. For example, an essay on the differences and similarities between painting and poetry. Here, both painting and poetry are art forms.
  • Problem and solution are crucial expository texts that explain issues and effective methods to resolve them. For example, an expository essay on the problem of acid reflux and effective solutions to cure it.

However, there are many examples from day-to-day life that can highlight what is an example of expository text. Read the next few sections to understand more about expository text examples. (See What are Filler Words in Writing?)

6. What are 4 Examples of Expository Text?

There are numerous examples of expository texts. This includes

  • Textbooks for school children: Different disciplines like science, social science, and maths are all written in different expository types of text. In this, many expository texts are interconnected, compared, classified, and organized into simpler versions for flexible reading.
  • Recipes: This text covers a variety of guides for cooking. Process essays on milkshakes, healthy meals, and delicacies are part of this expository text.
  • Content on current affairs: A major part of current affairs deals with places, people, and developments in different sectors. It covers national and international news and describes the important topics in detail.
  • Pamphlets on monuments and places: A shorter essay that provides basic information about the different parts or spaces to visit and explore in a monument.

In the next section, you can read more about what is an example of expository text in sentences. (Also read  Mc Vs. Mac Debate)

7. What is an Example of Expository Text Sentence?

Expository text sentence imparts words and meanings that are factual and flexible. For example, a Banana shake is a healthy meal for breakfast. In this sentence, the qualities of the banana shake are given through its descriptive form. This is an example of a descriptive expository text sentence. (See Use of Fingers Crossed in a Sentence)

8. What is an Example of Expository Text in Magazine?

Expository texts in the magazine are of different types. An example is a scientific report. These reports explain major theories and developments in the different fields of science. A scientific report on the deterioration of the ozone hole can be one example. (See Dead as a Doornail or Doorknob Meaning)

9. What is an Example of Expository Text in Newspaper?

A newspaper report is an example of an expository text newspaper. A report on elections and polls in different areas of India is a good example of a newspaper report. So, what is an example of an expository text in recent times? Guess and read the next section to understand them.

10. What is an Example of Expository Text about covid-19?

An explanatory text on the origin and effect of a covid-19 pandemic is an example of expository text. This text can be categorized under cause and effect expository texts. Covid-19 had been a recurrent problem in the recent period and that information on this disease is available everywhere. If you search online for what is an example of expository text on Covid-19, you would get interesting expository texts on the same. (See What does BC stand for in Text?)

11. Is Novel an Example of Expository Text?

JAN23 What is an Example of Expository Text?

No, a novel is not an example of an expository text. This is because the content in a novel is imaginative and not factual. Sometimes, the storyline is also not organized. The narrative might also exclude a good conclusion. On the other hand, an expository text includes organization, classification, and proper conclusions. Also, check out the examples of Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe Quotes.

12. Is Poem an Example of an Expository Text?

No, a poem is an artistic expression of the thoughts and feelings of a poet. It cannot be expository as it contains fictional elements. There is no proper organization and explanation of facts in a poem. Must read about the examples of Famous Acrostic Poems.

13. What is Expository Writing in Essays?

In essays, the kind of expository writing requires a body and a structure. The content of the topic is divided into paragraphs. There is an introductory passage that provides the thesis of the particular essay. The subsequent paragraphs explain the different aspects of the thesis. It can be a 3 or 4 paragraphs long essay. In the end, the conclusion provides a summary of the matter explained throughout the essay. (See What does Running Through the Six mean?)

14. What are good Expository Topics?

Expository topics should be relevant and most familiar to the reader. Some good expository topics include

  • What is the importance of women’s empowerment?
  • Child labor in India,
  • Recipe of paneer tikka,
  • Global warming and climate change as a manmade problem,
  • Effects of music on life, and 
  • PCOS and its consequences.

You can read a lot of detailed expository texts online. This content is also a form of expository text. It provides you with a flexible and summarized version of what is an example of expository text in different mediums. Essays, articles, and reports are important forms of expository writing through which you get to know more about different topics. (Also read Discreetly vs Discretely)

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