Examples of Famous Acrostic Poems

What are the Types of Acrostic Poems? How to write a Christmas Acrostic Poem? What are some examples of Acrostic Poems?

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An acrostic is a literary device in which the primary letter of every verse sequentially forms a word or message. Such poetry can be written in any meter and a rhyme scheme is also optional. However, the most famous acrostic poems are those in which the initial letter of each line is a word and is regularly capitalized. Let’s learn more about thanksgiving acrostic poems and Christmas acrostic poems with some acrostic poem examples.

1. What are the Types of Famous Acrostic Poems?

Mainly used in poetry, acrostic poems can be seen in prose or word puzzles. The word or message created is often linked to the central idea of the acrostic poem. It is intentionally inserted allowing the readers to find the message. It also boosts the memorization methods of readers. Here are some common types of famous acrostic poems. You can checkout use of fingers crossed in a sentence.

  • Telestich poems contain a word or a message in the final letter of each line.
  • Mesostich poems have words or messages is hidden in the middle of words.
  • Double acrostic word or message is present in each of the primary and final letters of each line that can be read vertically down separately on the left and right sides of the text.
  • Abecedarian is written in such a way that the first letter of each line or word is an alphabet that continues the alphabetic order with each line. For instance, La Priere de Nostre Dame by Chaucer.
  • Non-Standard poems follow no particular order. Instead, they highlight letters in certain locations within the poem that forms a word or message. (Also read Mc Vs. Mac Debate)

2. How to Write a Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem?

Thanksgiving is a holiday in many North American countries. It is easy to write an acrostic poem about it and can be used to engage kids or your family in a fun and simple activity while teaching them poetry.

  • Assign one letter out of T-H-A-N-K-S-G-I-V-I-N-G to every member of the family. If there are more members then adjust the phrase to involve everyone. Letters can be given a week earlier or a few hours before the activity depending on the availability of the family member.
  • Ask everybody to create a word, phrase, or sentence with the alphabet assigned to them, preferably related to thanksgiving.
  • If you need variety or have many members or kids then you can make multiple acrostic poems.
  • Reveal the created words or lines slowly and let the audience guess, it will make the activity more fun.

Your acrostic can also spell T-H-A-N-K-F-U-L or G-I-V-E T-H-A-N-K-S and other applicable words. (Also read The Art of Teaching Art)

3. How Writing a Christmas Acrostic Poem can be Fun?

Christmas is an auspicious family occasion that can be made more fun and magical by making some acrostic poems about it. There are many famous acrostic poems about Christmas. You can also write one.

Just pick a phrase associated with Christmas and come up with words or sentences for each letter of that word. The phrases or sentences must connect to the main subject of the phrase or word. You can use these guidelines for this activity:

  • Combine with your friends or family to make the format of acrostic poems. Write down the collective poems created.
  • Give your friends a Christmas theme word and let them make their acrostic poems. You can use words like December, Cheer, Rudolph, Snowman, and Santa Claus.
  • Discuss the meaning and significance of these words or phrases throughout the Christmas season.
  • Allow your friends some time to write acrostic poems. Help them if needed. Share your poems.
  • You can put the collection on a board or a wall for everyone to see in the Christmas season.
  • Encourage your friends to gift their acrostic poems to family members or other friends on Christmas morning. It will be a gift made solely by you. (Also read What Does Merry Christmas Mean?)

4. What are some of the Acrostic Poem Examples?

After discussing the methods to form a thanksgiving and Christmas acrostic poem, let’s look at some acrostic poem examples beginning with a thanksgiving acrostic poem. (Also read Go Dawgs Sic Em Meaning)

T – Thank you All Mighty
H – Honoring the Lord
A – Abundant favors
N – Need to be completed
K – Kneeling devotee
S – Squanto’s help
G – Gifts of nourishment
I – Indian corn
V – Venison
I – Indeed we are priceless.
N – Neighborhoods have helped
G – God has provided.

And here is an example of a Christmas acrostic poem.

M – Many acquaintances come together to
E – Enjoy this auspicious event
R – Ready to celebrate with them
R – Reindeer on their way.
Y – Yuletide carols are recited nearby
C – Christmas is near us as we
H – Hear the Christmas carols
R – Ready for some exciting activities
I – Indoors and outdoors with everybody
S – Sitting by the fire with
T – The beautiful family of yours
M – Missing your loved ones
A – As we enjoy our holiday
S – So start the party, we are ready

With some examples of famous acrostic poems, you now understand what are acrostic poems and how to create them. Remember the rules and gift your loved one a handwritten acrostic poem this holiday season. You can check out the true history of humpty dumpty rhyme.

Let’s conclude with this wonderful Ana Claudia Antunes acrostic line

When thinking is overrated
And friends are easy to make.
Check if it’s too complicated.
Knowing yourself somehow,
Inner peace’s not hard to take,
Never lost or underestimated,
Get out of social media… NOW! 

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