How can a man tell if he has high testosterone?

Signs of High Testosterone in Men | How can a Man tell if he has high Testosterone?

  1. Testosterone directly affects the development of the jaw. The bigger, wider and more define a Jaw is the more Testosterone a man has in his body . Also if you have a strong chin.

  2. Dense facial and body hair

    Testosterone promotes the growth of hair in the body and face. One of the reasons women don’t have beards is that they don’t have enough Testosterone.

  3. Finger ratio

    Some studies claim that people who have a ring finger that is longer than the index finger have higher levels of testosterone. The studies claim that the opposite is also true. If the Ring finger is shorter than the index finger than the person has lower testosterone.

  4. Deep voice

    Testosterone makes a person’s voice deeper. The deeper someone’s voice is the higher his Testosterone levels are. (See How to have a deep voice?)

  5. A higher facial Width-to-Height Ratio (fWHR)

    People who have higher levels of Testosterone have a higher facial-width-to-height ratio. The width of the face between the two cheek bones is compared to the height from the top lip to the middle of the brows. The higher the ratio is the higher the Testosterone in the male’s body.

  6. Smaller eyes

    Women who have wide eyes are considered more feminine. A high level of Testosterone results in smaller eyes.

  7. Larger noses

    Men who have higher Testosterone levels usually have larger facial features especially noses. Testosterone usually makes a man’s nose bigger. (See How Testosterone affects male behaviour?)

  8. Lower body fat

    A high level of Testosterone lowers the overall body fat levels. A person who has a high fat percentage might have lower Testosterone levels .

  9. Behavioral signs

    Although behavior can change for many psychological reasons some psychologists believe that men with high levels of Testosterone smile less often, prefer not to talk much and are more likely to cheat.

  10. Frequent erections

    The high frequency of erections and the ease of which they happen can be a sign of a high Testosterone. A higher sex drive is also a sign of high Testosterone levels.

  11. Broad shoulders

    Testosterone results in broader shoulders and a well built body .

  12. Aggression

    A high level of Testosterone can result in aggression. Even though temper can change for many psychological factors a high Testosterone level can make a man more aggressive .

  13. Enlarged Adam’s Apple

    People who have excess amount of Testosterone can develop a bigger Adam’s apple.

  14. Higher bone density

    A higher level of Testosterone can lead to a higher bone density and a bigger body.

  15. Risk taking behavior

    A high level of Testosterone can promote risk taking behavior and can result in more reckless actions .

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