What makes a man’s Eyes attractive?

How can men make their eyes more attractive? What qualities make a man's eyes attractive?

  1. 1 Smaller eyes are found attractive

    As per the observation, it has been found that small eyes stipulate that men were subjected to a high level of testosterone during development. Various charming and appealing men with small eyes are David Beckham, Ian Somerhalder, Chris Pine and many more.

  2. 2 Angry looking eyes

    Women usually find angry-looking eyes absolutely mesmeric and enticing. They feel that men with angry eyes are stronger and are more protective; hence, they get more attractive to them.

  3. 3 When eyebrows are close to the eyes

    If the eyes of a man are closer to the eyebrows with less space between the two, they look angrier. Therefore, female gets attracted towards them.

  4. 4 Eyebrows having sharp corners

    Men look extraordinarily appealing if they have eyebrows with sharp edges as round corners are considered feminine. Therefore, men with sharp eyebrows corners make them look masculine, which makes them even more appealing. (See What do women find attractive in men?)

  5. 5 Sharp eye edges

    Oval eyes are considered to be feminine; on the other hand, sharp eye edges are considered sexy and attractive by females. 

  6. 6 Deep seated eyes look more attractive

    Deep-seated eyes gives a man more masculine and robust look, which is considered to be sexy by many females. (See What makes a Man’s face attractive?)

  7. 7 Women's preferences change

    It might sound strange to you, but the choice of the women varies as per their menstrual cycle. When they are most fertile, they find masculine men more appealing. While during the other parts of the period, they get attractive towards feminine-looking men.

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