What makes a Man’s face attractive?

What do women find attractive in a Man's Face? What makes a Man's face attractive?

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  1. 1 Well defined Jaw

    Men having perfect shaped Jaw are considered to be more attractive.

  2. 2 Symmetrical face

    Although very few people in this world have 99% symmetrical faces, men who have are lucky and women find them very charming.

  3. 3 Small eyes

    Most of the women prefer their partners with small eyes. It is also considered the people who have smaller eyes have high levels of testosterone. See How can a man tell if he has high testosterone?

  4. 4 Sharp nose

    Men with sharp noses are found to be very good-looking.

  5. 5 Eyebrows close to the eyes

    Women love the dominant looking faces of men. If their eyebrows are close to their eyes, their faces are more dominant, which is allured by most women.

  6. 6 Well defined cheekbones

    Women find men more attractive who have well-defined cheekbones as it makes them look charismatic.

  7. 7 Sharp Features

    Men who have very sharp features are voted to be the most attractive men. See What do women find attractive in men?

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