What makes a Man’s face attractive?

What do women find attractive in a Man's Face? What makes a Man's face attractive?

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  1. 1 Symmetrical faces

    Women prefer men with more Symmetrical faces over ones with less symmetrical faces as they indicate a higher quality of genes. See why Symmetrical faces are considered more attractive.

  2. 2 Women Prefer dominant looking male faces

    Generally women prefer men with dominant looking faces. Women like to be with men who seem capable of providing security and protection to them and their offspring.

  3. 3 Small eyes

    Women tend to prefer men with smaller eyes as it's a sign of high testosterone levels. See how to tell if a man has higher Testosterone.

  4. 4 Big noses

    A bigger nose is also a sign of a higher level of testosterone.

  5. 5 Well defined Jaw

    Women find men with Well defined Jaw lines more attractive as they.

  6. 6 Average faces are found attractive

    Men with faces that are considered close to the norms are found attractive. Because those faces look more familiar the brain needs less processing power to process them and so they are found more attractive.

  7. 7 Eyebrows close to the eye

    When a man's face has eyebrows that are very close to his eye the man's face looks more dominant and so more attractive to women.

  8. 8 Preferences chance throughout the month

    Women's preference for men's faces change throughout the month as their menstrual cycle changes. During ovulation women tend to prefer dominant faces while in other parts of the cycle women tend to prefer average faces. See what women find attractive in men.

  9. 9 A woman's past can change her prefrences

    The past events a woman has been through can change her preferences and can override some of the hard wired preferences in her brain. After being abused by a dominant looking man for example a woman can start liking men with more feminine faces.

  10. 10 Well defined cheek bones

    The cheek bones can make a man more attractive to women as they make him look more dominant. Well defined cheek bones usually make men seem more attractive to women.

  11. 11 Balanced proportions

    A man's face seems more attractive to women if it had more balanced proportions.

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