What do women find attractive in men?

Alex Williams
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  1. Height

    Studies have shown that women find taller men more attractive than shorter ones. Most women in particular care about being with a man who is taller than them even if he isn’t very tall.

  2. Deep voice

    Studies have shown that women prefer men with deeper voices, for it signifies an increased amount of testosterone.

  3. Symmetrical faces

    Women like men who have a more symmetrical face because it signifies a better genetic quality. It was found that a person who suffers from less genetic mutation usually develops a more symmetrical face. Women are attracted to those men so they can have healthy children.

  4. V-shaped torso

    While women don’t base their decision on looks alone, most women still find masculine and dominant looking men attractive. A v-shaped torso was among the qualities pointed out by many women when asked about what they find attractive in men.

  5. Resources

    Most women are attracted to resourceful men and a large percentage can sacrifice looks for resources. Resources include money, ambition, popularity and anything that can help the woman and her child live a better life.

  6. Dominance

    Most women get attracted to dominant men. Men who are assertive, have good leadership abilities and are more dominant than their friends are found to be more attractive to women.

  7. Smell

    Studies have shown that women focus on smell when it comes to assessing the attractiveness of a man. Scent was found to broadcast information about a man’s immune system, specifically his MHC genes. Women find men with MHC genes that differ the most from them more attractive.

  8. Sense of humor

    Most women agreed that a man who makes them laugh is found to be more attractive. Sense of humor was one of the qualities most of the women said that they wanted to find in a future mate.

  9. Self-confidence

    Most women find a confident, self-assured man much more attractive than a shy or less assertive man. Because women want security and protection, most of them feel better around a confident man.

  10. Masculine facial features

    Women get attracted to men who have masculine facial features such as a big nose, a strong, defined jaw line, prominent cheek bones and small eyes. (See What makes a Man’s face attractive?)

  11. The way a man moves

    Studies have shown that women find the way some men move very attractive. The ability of a man to move in a coordinated manner might be a good indication of his muscle and bone strength and so it makes a man seem more attractive to women.

  12. Personality

    Personality is very important for women. Some women can sacrifice looks for a good personality. While the definition of a good personality differs from one woman to another, most agreed on some traits such as ambition, confidence, humor, strength, courage, power, positivity and dominance. (See What makes a person attractive?)

  13. Passion and ambition

    Women find men who are passionate about their careers and who are ambitious very attractive. Because women care about securing resources for their offspring, a passionate and ambitious man is found to be more attractive than other men because of his ability to provide more resources.

  14. Dressing well

    Women care about details. Women like men who dress well and who know how to choose their clothes. A man who has a good style is found to be more attractive than a man who doesn’t.

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