What do eyebrow slits represent?

What Does A Cut In The Eyebrow Mean? This is a new trend in which the eyebrow slit continues with your hair cut. It has various types and trends.
What do eyebrow slits represent?
  1. Eyebrow slit meaning

    Eyebrow slits are thin vertical cuts along with eyebrow hair. They have intentionally shaved gaps in the eyebrows, but there are a few cases when eyebrow slits were made accidentally. You can get it made by any professional or yourself if you are artistic and have a brave heart. This style became popular more in the 90s with hip hop artists.

  2. Where did the trend begin?

    It is not essential that the slit is always made intentionally; there are a lot of people whose eyebrow slit occurs naturally; this happens when a person has been in a fight or suffered a gash in that area. It became popular when people saw Jason Momoa’s eyebrow slit, but his slit is from an actual bar fight, although it gives him a callous and sexy look.

  3. What do eyebrow slits represent?

    Different slits have different meanings attached to them. People get it done at times for some reason, which represents a meaning, and a few people get it done just for fashion. Here are a few types of slit and their meaning:

    1) Eyebrow slits with haircut adjoining- This is a new trend in which the eyebrow slit continues with your hair cut. It has various types and trends, but usually, it gives a wild and vivacious look. This looks best when the short sides are undercut, fade or crew. The best way to get this style is by a professional or a barber.

    2) Double-slit with hair cut- This can be another great option with a double eyebrow slit along with adjoining hair cut. It looks even edgier than the single slit. If you dare to take risks with respect to your haircut, this can be the best option. It’s a unique look but make sure that you take professional help for getting this look.

    3) Single eyebrow slit- This is a neat and clean idea to adopt this trend as it is a very simple and stylish look. It draws attention to your eyes, and people can play with it by doing a different kind of eye makeup. Jason Momoa is one of the most renowned persons with a single slit, and a lot of people got it done after looking at him.

    4) Double eyebrow slit- Double eyebrow slit makes the fun double; it represents that you love the slit trend, and you are ready to take it to another level. They give you a bolder look but ensure that they are of a similar size and evenly distanced to look intentional.

    5) Bejewelled eyebrow slit- If you love piercing, this would be the best option for you as it makes the eyebrow slit look even better. It looks very cool and trendy as you look different and it attracts a lot of attention towards your eyes.

    6) Cross Eyebrow slit- Why get just straight lines to amp up the fun? You can opt for the cross pattern as well. After making the cross line, you can wear a stud or accessorize it with a crystal. This style is pretty unique and gives a very cool and trendy look.

  4. How to get an eyebrow slit?

    You can either get it done permanently or can also get it done temporarily as per your wish. If you want to do it yourself, then take a good trimmer and a tape along to avoid any mistake. Ensure that you do not overdo it as it might look like a bald spot. If you are not confident enough to do it yourself, then seek the help of a professional.

  5. Do they grow back?

    Well, it depends on your eyebrow growth and heaviness. Usually, it takes from 2 to 4 weeks to grow the hair back. It is not advisable to get it done permanently because, in this case, your hair does not grow back.

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