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What is the Meaning of a Male Merkin wig? Why were they Used? Are they still being Used?

You know that there are artificial wigs to wear on the head. These wigs can be of different hair colors and lengths and are available in various options. But what is the use of a pubic hair wig? And is the male merkin wig similar to that of a head wig? So today, we will try to uncover some ladies’ secrets dating back a few centuries.

1. Meaning of Male Merkin Wig

The pubic hairs are the hair present on the private parts of males and females. At the same time, a merkin wig is a term for pubic hair wig used as artificial pubic hair by both, males and females. Like you can put an artificial wig on our head, a merkin wig is used to cover the pubic region with artificial hair. In easy words, it can be called a vagina wig. This artificial covering is used to maintain hygiene while providing some coverage to the pubic region. (See 6 Female vs Male Sign Fun Facts)

2. Origin of Merkin Wig

The term merkin wig was first recorded somewhere between 1610 and 1620. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, pubic hair wig or merkin wig first appeared in Three Weekes Observer by John Taylor in 1617. But according to the Oxford Companion, these wigs were worn around the mid 15th century, or earlier. (Also read Why do older women cut their hair short?)

3. Reasons for Using Pubic Hair Wig

 It was also easier for them to remove them than the original pubic hairs. Prostitutes may have used this wig to hide symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). It was in the 1450s that prostitutes had lice-infested pubes, and they needed to shave off their natural vaginal hairs. But to keep working, they tried wearing pubic hair wigs.

However, this is not the case for wearing a vagina wig in modern times. Today, many Hollywood celebrities can be seen sporting it when naked. Gypsy Lee Rose was a famous striptease artist. Whenever she performed, she wore a merkin wig. The use of this wig is even shown in some dramas and movies too.

Why people decide to remove pubic hair and instead opt for wigs could be due to pressure from their partner and sometimes, out of choice. (Also read Why Keratin hair treatment is bad for you?)

4. How to Put On Pubic Hair Wig?

A pubic hair wig is also available in various thicknesses from which you can choose. You have to shave the pubic region completely. Then this wig is placed on the vagina with an adhesive. The lace used in a merkin wig has each hair tied to it in such proportion that it indeed is thick enough to provide the necessary coverage. (See What is a Hair Cowlick?)

5. Methods of Removing Pubic Hair

Just like the methods used for removing other body hair, you can remove pubic hair too.

  • Trimming with scissors or an electric shaver can be done.
  • Shaving with a razor is preferred by some.
  • While others prefer waxing.
  • At home, you can use hair removal creams too.

6. Benefits of Natural Pubic Hair 

Several people choose to get rid of pubic hair permanently. The reasons why they should not be removed permanently are listed below:

  • It is unnecessary to remove them permanently as they block bacteria from entering our bodies.
  • This hair prevents friction during physical & sexual activity.
  • A layer of pubic hair helps genitals maintain an optimum temperature.
  • According to a study conducted in 2017, pubic hair reduces the chances of many STIs. (See 17 Ways to Make your Hair Grow Faster)

7.  Risks of  Removing Pubic Hair

However, removing them may be satisfying, but harsh methods will cause some issues. Waxing can cause itchiness, and sometimes even bleeding can occur. There can also be severe cuts if you are careless with razors and scissors.

The pubic region is one of the most sensitive regions in the body. However, the amount of growth varies from one person to another. In case of excess or deficient growth, hormonal changes or imbalances are to blame. It can also be due to some underlying health issues or side effects of certain medications. To be sure, you should always reach out to a doctor. (See Why do we develop grey or white hair?)

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