What is Breakup Therapy?

What is a Breakup? What are its Types and Reasons? How is your Mental Health affected by it? What are Breakup Therapy and Counseling? How is Therapy useful?

Every person goes through at least one breakup in their lifetime. And moving on from a breakup after being in a relationship for a long time takes even more time to move on. Some people take up breakup therapy or breakup counseling. Let me introduce you today to therapy after a breakup. 

1. What is Breakup?

It is the end of the romantic and loving commitment between two people. The term breakup is associated with unmarried couples, but breaking up a marriage that is divorced can also be considered a type of breakup. (See What is an Unhealthy Relationship?)

2. What are the Types of Breakup?

  • A breakup can be mutual in which both people are in favor of separation.
  • It can be one-sided where only one person wants to end the relationship while the other is trying her best to keep going. This type of breakup is traumatic and stressful for the person unwilling to do the breakup.
  • A breakup can be positive and negative too. This aspect depends on the feelings of the people involved in it and how they feel about each other while being in the relationship.

Sometimes breakups are necessary for peace of mind, and thus, they are positive. (See PhD Vs PsyD in Psychology)

3. What are the Reasons behind Breakups?

The main reasons leading to breakups are:

  • Bad physical relationships
  • Change in physical or financial situations of a person
  • Cheating
  • Being clingy
  • Family pressure or differences
  • Jealousy
  • Lack of cooperation. (See Why Instagram is bad for relationships?)

4. What factors  Affects Breakups and your Mental Health?

Breakup therapy will help you to heal your physical and mental health affected by this situation. Because relationships are an integral part of your life and a long-serious relationship becomes your lifeline. But when the same ends, it leaves a deep hole in your life which sometimes becomes so painful that you find it hard to breathe.

Did you receive your closure or there were still involvement of abuse and other painful issues like cheating? Anyways, factors determining the impact of a breakup on your emotional well-being are as follows:

  •  The duration of your relationship,
  •  Whether the breakup was mutual or one-sided,
  • The level of commitment from your side in the relationship,
  • The plans that you had made with him regarding your future,
  • The happiness prevailing in your relationship before the breakup. (See How to Heal Yourself Emotionally?)

5. Why Therapy after a Breakup is needed?

Since you are dealing with lots of emotional pain, you are unable to understand what to do and where to start. This is the time when you should opt for therapy because through it, you can discuss the pain and difficulties that you have faced in the past few days. You will get a way to cope with these issues. (See How Men Deal With Breakups?)

6. How Breakup Counselling is Therapeutic?

  • Breakup counseling can be helpful for you because it can offer you a safe place where you can work through your experiences.
  • Breakup therapy and counseling help you to realize your emotions and reactions so that you can learn to manage and cope with them in a healthy manner. Your counselor or therapist will help you in the entire process. Must read the importance of marriage coaching.
  • These approaches can help you relax and feel better about yourself. You have been disgusted with yourself ever since your breakup, and you do not find anything to be happy about.
  • Try out these approaches to help you heal

Therapeutic approaches include catharsis, grieving, psychological challenges, dealing with overthinking, making sense of things, phases of moving on, educating yourself in psych-education, and rebuilding yourself. (See How Do You Handle Difficult Situations?)

7. What is Catharsis?

A breakup is shattering and after it, you might feel like your own emotions are killing you. Therefore, it is necessary for you to release those emotions, but it is not always possible to do so with your friends and family. So, you can try catharsis, which is a process of releasing those emotions through dramatic art. (See How to Stay in the Present?)

8. What is Grieving?

It is necessary to grieve because it helps you to let out those tears, anger, disappointment, and other strong emotions. It lets you lament over the loss that you had been holding onto for a very long time. After a few days of grieving in the process of breakup therapy, you can realize that you are able to feel some happiness from small things because you are healing from within, little by little. (See 7 Stages of Grief after Breakup)

9. How to Deal with Overthinking & Psychological Challenges?

During this entire time, you have been blaming yourself more or less for what happened to your beloved relationship. You blame yourself for not being enough for him even though you are the victim. To overcome and deal with this, you need to rethink and question your thoughts. The Breakup therapy approach lets you understand your triggers, plan and take action towards enhancing your self-esteem. You can try meditation and other methods to distract yourself. (See Internal Vs External Locus of Control)

10. Why Making Sense out of Things is needed?

You have been questioning yourself about why and how all this happened? But without finding any answers, you are more disturbed. It is time to think and take lessons from this experience instead of blaming and questioning yourself. This will help you achieve clarity. (See 10 Red Flags in a Relationship with a Woman)

11. Why should you Educate yourself with Psycho-Education?

Psycho-education involves integrating emotional and motivational aspects that will help you in coping with the situation and improve the treatment adherence and efficacy. It is an intervention with structured, systematic, and didactic knowledge regarding a situation or illness and its treatment being transferred. (Also read Psychology Behind Vicarious Embarrassment)

12. What are the Phases of Moving On?

It is normal to be on an emotional roller coaster after a breakup. You are going through various phases that are necessary to move on from this whole depressing situation. These phases include

  • Shock,
  • Anger,
  • Betrayal,
  • Numbness,
  • Isolation,
  • Rebounds,
  • And acceptance.

Understanding that all this is normal and is common with every person facing a breakup will help you in deciding when to start breakup therapy. (See How to Be Loved By Everyone?)

13. How to Rebuild Yourself?

You have conjoined your identity and existence with your partner and became habitual with his presence in your life. After a breakup, things have shattered, but now is the time to gather yourself and your identity once again to begin a new phase of your life. In your breakup, therapy is the final phase in your healing process and, if not alone, you can always get help from your therapist. (See Woes of the Bored and Lonely Mind)

14. What are the Benefits of Breakup Therapy?

Therapy can be helpful in the following ways:

  • You will find a person to talk to and express your pain. And you do not have to worry about being judged or misunderstood.
  • You will get a chance to grieve the loss you are feeling, and your therapist will not blame you for grieving.
  • You may even find answers to your questions that are overshadowing your brain after the breakup. 
  • You will be able to find out a way to stabilize your emotions and control yourself from taking up harsh decisions like suicide. (See Benefits of The Elevation Experience)

Now you know about breakup therapy and breakup counselling that you can take up if you or your close ones are dealing with a breakup. Share and spread awareness about therapy after a breakup. (See How to Get Over a Breakup in Less Than a Week?)

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