How to Get Over a Breakup in Less Than a Week?

Alex Williams
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  1. Kill hope

  2. Trash the teddies

    To make your mind believe that hope is dead you need to burn all things, trash the teddy bears and eat the chocolates.

  3. Burn the pictures

    When your subconscious mind finds that you are burning pictures it will signal your brain to start the recovery process.

  4. There are no soul mates

    According to love psychology, there are no soul mates, only potential partners who match our love maps. By understanding this fact your mind will be able to move on.

  5. Don’t go to the common places for some time

    Don’t go to places that remind you of each other until some time has passed.

  6. Remind yourself of their flaws

    Was the person perfect? no you can do way better.

  7. Is it your ego?

    Is it really love or is it just your ego? When you answer that question you will find that you might not really love that person.

  8. Is it love or fear of loneliness?

    Do you really love that person or are you just afraid to be alone, get older or stay single for long periods of time? (See What are the body language signs of fear?)

  9. Is it love or self-esteem?

  10. Can anybody else provide you with those needs?

    Yes probably. If you can’t think of someone now then you need to expand your social relations.

  11. Is it love or lack of intimacy?

    If you have parted away from your friends, most probably this person was your only source of intimacy and this is why you find it so hard to get over him. Get back to your friends and the breakup will become much easier to handle. (See Why some people fear intimacy?)

  12. Love or redemption?

    Does this period remind you of someone who rejected you before? Do you really love that person or did you get into a relationship to seek redemption?

  13. That person was everything to you

    Because you stopped pursuing your hobbies, stopped contacting your friends and made your life revolve around that person, you made that person your everything. You can make him nothing again.

  14. That person was my soul mate

    According to all studies about love, we fall in love with people who match certain criteria in our brains called the love map. In short, we can have tens, if not hundreds, of soul mates.

  15. Love or compensation

    Did you really love the person or were you just trying to compensate for some of your weaknesses? IF That person used to complement you a lot then work on your own flaws and you won’t need them.

  16. Love vs addiction

    Is it love or addiction? Are you the kind of person who can’t stand being single? Then you need to work on fixing your own issues and you won’t become that needy.

  17. Is it love or the need for approval?

    Was it really love or just the need for approval? Work on your self-esteem and you won’t need that person.

  18. Love or false beliefs?

    You think you can’t find someone better? Was that person the best on the planet? No, there are better people and you know it.

  19. Was it love or just a rebound?

    Did you really love that person or was it just a rebound relationship?

  20. Is it love or self-doubt?

    Are you wondering what’s wrong with you? Do you think you were rejected because you were boring, unattractive or inferior? Then the problem is with self-doubts not with the relationship. Work on your self-esteem.

  21. Promise yourself to find a better person

    Promise yourself to find someone better. If your mind believes you, you will recover.

  22. Fix your life

    If your life is intolerable then you will feel like wanting to get into a relationship to escape from the pain. Don’t let relationships become your drug, fix your life instead.

  23. You broke up before?

    Then you already know that you can forget about that person. It’s just a matter of time.

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