When is National Relationship Day?

What Date is National Couples Day? When is National Boyfriend and Girlfriend Day? What is National Breakup Day? What is National Love People Day?

Every year we celebrate different days in remembrance of a belief or a person. For instance, we celebrate World Day of Social Justice on 20 February. Similarly, National Relationship Day is celebrated every year to promote healthy relationships and eliminate toxic relationships. But when is National Relationship Day celebrated? Here are the details about National Relationship Day and some other important couples days to be celebrated this year.

1. When is National Relationship Day?

This day is observed on 24 June to discuss relationship-related issues. It is disturbing to assign general roles in relationships. This day marks the importance of the gender equity concept. The individuals are motivated to keep a balance between individual freedom and relationship so that they can live without restrictions. Dr. Oluwafemi Ogunjimi introduced this day in 2019 to eradicate inequality in relationships and promote healthy relationships. This would have answered your question about when is National Relationship Day. (See What is National tell your Crush you like them Day?)

2. What Date is National Couples Day?

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National Couples Day celebrates the bond between a couple of lovebirds and troublemakers on 18 August. As you know when is National Relationship Day observed, this is another day to spread love. Love is valid in any relationship between the same or opposite sex. Gender roles have changed along with the change in traditions followed by the couple. National Couples Day spreads love and celebrates the healthy couple. (See Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day?)

3. Is There a National Love Day?

Yes, 12 June is National Love Day (National Loving Day). This day is celebrated in remembrance of Elizabeth Schutt. Schutt supported people with mental illness and gave them equal opportunity to love. This day reminds us of the importance of love and care. This day promotes healthy relationships, improved communication skills, and societal peace and harmony. (See 15 Heart Icon Symbol Meaning and Uses)

4. The Romance Calendar: 14 Couples Holidays to Celebrate this Year

Fourteen couples’ holidays to celebrate this year are:

Date Couple Holidays
1 March World Compliment Day
3 March National I Want You to be Happy Day
20 March National Proposal Day
April 3rd Saturday Husband Appreciation Day
30 April Honesty Day
1 June National Say Something Nice Day
12 June National Loving Day
22 June National Kissing Day
18 August National Couple’s Day
25 August National Kiss and Make Up Day
September 3rd Sunday Wife Appreciation Day
30 September National Love People Day
October 3rd Saturday National Sweetest Day
25 October National I Care About You Day

5. When is the National Boyfriend and Girlfriend Day? When was National Girlfriend Day created?

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3 October is National Boyfriend Day, and 1 August is National Girlfriend Day. This day is celebrated to let the women around us know how much they mean to us. You can celebrate national girlfriend day with your best friend, girlfriend, or boyfriend. Elizabeth Butterfield and Kathleen Laing created this day a few years ago.  (See 10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposals)

6. Is there a National Ex-boyfriend Day?

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Yes, National Ex-boyfriend Day is observed on 4 August. On this day, people try to forget their ex-boyfriends and move on in their life, leaving behind the anger and bitterness that may remain. Must read about the 20 reasons people break up.

7. What is National Breakup Day?

While asking when is National Relationship Day, you might ask about National Breakup Day. 21 February is National Breakup Day and is the opposite of National Relationship Day. It is a kind of Anti Valentine’s Day celebrated by people who are single and those who want to cut romantic ties. People get out of toxic relationships and live independently. (See How to Get Over a Breakup in Less Than a Week?)

8. What is National Love People Day?

National Love People Day is held on 30 September annually to inspire people with unconditional love. This day helps to lift the power of love expecting nothing in return. Unconditional love defines unrestricted, wholehearted, absolute, and unequivocal love. So, on this day, people offer care and kindness to their community making the world a better place. (See How to Be Loved By Everyone?)

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