Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day?

Who started Memorial Day? Why Is Memorial Day a Holiday?

  1. 1 Defining Memorial Day

    Memorial Day is celebrated in the United States in which brave soldiers are given a tribute and honored who died while serving the United States Armed Forces. It is considered to be the federal holiday in the US. Residents of the US take some time off from their work and dedicate it to those legendary military real-life heroes. Memorial Day is also known as Decoration Day.

  2. 2 When do we celebrate it?

    It is celebrated on 30th May or every last Monday in May annually. Another thing you might not know about this special day is that a national moment of remembrance occurs at 3:00 pm every year.

  3. 3 The history of Memorial Day

    Up until World War I, the Southern American states did not recognize this day. Only the Northern American states were the ones who were considering it a national holiday and celebrating it.

  4. 4 Significance of Memorial Day

    Saluting the lives of brave soldiers and military personnel by memorializing them is one of the significant reasons the Memorial day is celebrated. At the time when Memorial day was not celebrated, people of the US used to honor casualties of the American Civil War.

  5. 5 What people most likely do on Memorial Day?

    People of the US pay their visit to cemeteries and memorials in various parts of the country. Many people set the US flag this day at half-staff position for a considerable time. The national sporting events are held back during the memorial day, such as the Indianapolis 500. (See Why Is Memorial Day A Holiday?)

  6. 6 Memorial Day parades

    Many towns and cities in the US organize a Memorial Day Parade. This parade aims to make all people come together out of their homes and celebrate something exceptional.

  7. 7 Memorial Day Festivities

    Nobody in the US is enforced to make this auspicious day a solemn day, as you can go to the beach, attend or host a barbecue, have a picnic, go on a short vacation, or take part in other memorial day festivities. These activities symbolize how the entire country has emerged with the great sacrifices of soldiers who risked their lives for it. (See Do people in Mexico celebrate Cinco de Mayo?)

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