Why Instagram is bad for relationships?

Can Instagram ruin relationships? Why Instagram is bad for relationships?
  1. A person might get obsessed with others

    When a person follows someone and keeps seeing their pictures over and over they might get obsessed with them, and as a result, relationship problems might happen.

  2. Familiarity leads to attraction

    According to psychologists, the more familiar we become with people, the more likely we are to find them attractive. As a person follows someone and keeps seeing their pictures, they might end up liking them.

  3. Finding the relationship partner less attractive

    According to studies, getting exposed to celebrity pictures can make one’s relationship partner seem much less attractive. As this becomes a habit through Instagram, a person might become less attracted to their relationship partner.

  4. It can promote jealousy

    The use of Instagram can promote jealousy and cause tensions in relationships. A person might get jealous when their relationship partner follows someone and keeps liking their pictures.

  5. Makes cheating easier

    Instagram can easily allow a person to interact with a stranger, send them private messages and develop a relationship with them. Unlike Facebook where a person can only contact the ones they know, Instagram can make talking to strangers easier. (See Why is Instagram so FAKE?)

  6. Selfies can ruin relationships

    According to a study, posting more selfies on Instagram can lead to relationship problems. As the person broadcasts their body image to others, certain relationship tensions might arise.

  7. Interactions with strangers cause tensions

    Comments and likes on pictures of strangers can cause relationship tensions. As one partner might start questioning the behavior of another on Instagram, problems might arise.

  8. Exposing one’s private life can cause problems

    When a person uses Instagram often they might expose their private lives to complete strangers. Those strangers might then interact in a way that threatens the relationship. (See Why Do People Care About Online Privacy?)

  9. Not posting pictures of your partner

    When a person doesn’t post a photo of their relationship partner on Instagram, problems might arrive. The one whose pictures wasn’t posted might question the intentions of their partner and so tensions might happen.

  10. It can make a person more protective of their phone

    If a person has many interactions with strangers, they are very likely to become more protective of their phones. This could lead to problems and tensions in a relationship.

  11. Making it easier to breakup

    If a person felt they have lots of fans, they might not be very keen on keeping their current relationship. This person might believe that they can find a better partner easily and so the relationship might become unstable.

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