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What does PC Stand for in Texting?

In this fast-moving world, it is important to have all the knowledge of gadgets and how to use them. There is the usage of acronyms these days even for the simplest of things. And surprisingly a single acronym can have more than one meaning. Some are even so common that they have many! So, this article is going to talk about what does PC stand for in texting along with its different meanings. You are also going to see the meaning of PC on Instagram. Another interesting thing that you will see is the PM slang and what does it mean. So, let’s begin!

1. What does PC Stand for Social Media?

For social media, PC stands for picture or photo credits. The picture credit is given by the users when they use someone else’s clicked or copyrighted image. It is stated to mention the original creator of the picture and give them the required credits. (See What is Rs in Social Media?)

2. What does PC Stand for in Texting?

Do you know what does PC stand for in texting? Let’s talk about it here. PC can have many different meanings in texting. The term can be determined based on the context in which it is used. Here are some of the most common meanings of PC in texting.

  • Politically Correct
  • Picture Credits or Photo Credits
  • Personal Chat or Private Chat
  • Personal Computer
  • Piece of Crap
  • Phone Call

3. What does PC Mean in a Group Chat?

PC means personal chat or private chat. In a group chat, the use of PC means that a person wants to have a private conversation or chat with you if they text you PC or PC me. It can happen when someone wants to continue the discussion one-on-one with you and not in the group. Read What does WBY Mean in Texting?

4. What is PC on Instagram?

PC on Instagram stands for picture credits or photo credits. An alternative for this can be picture courtesy or photo courtesy as well. Both of these have the same meaning. This term is used when you have used someone else’s clicked or copyrighted image. In this case, you need to give credit to the person whose image is used and acknowledge them. Doing this is a must for any media platform. Photo credits are given on the post at the end of the caption. It can also be written as PC picture. 

5. What does PC Stand For in Gaming?

JAN23 What does PC Stand for in Texting
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Now you already know what does pc stand for in texting, so let’s know about what does PC stand for in gaming. Using gaming tools has become so normal that people are now focusing on what ways to operate them that will make them look classier. In gaming, PC has two meanings. One is the personal computer while the other is the player character.

  • PC gaming is personal computer gaming. It means playing the game on a personal computer both online and offline. The games come in a large variety and the players can choose which game to play. The game controllers are the input devices on the PC like the keyboard, mouse, and joystick.
  • In video games, PC has another meaning. PC stands for the player character. A player character is a fictional character who is controlled by the person playing the video game. Player characters are found in every role-playing game.

6. What does PC Mean in School?

Till now, you would have understood that texting is not the only area where PC is used after knowing what does pc stand for in texting. It has many meanings and one of the places where it is used is in school as well. There is no single meaning for PC related to school. PC can mean many different things. Here are some of them.

  • Publications Committee
  • Program Coordinator
  • Personal Contact
  • Planning Council
  • Personal Computer
  • Percentage

7. What does PC Mean in Police?

In police too, PC can have a variety of meanings. Let’s look at some of them.

  • Police Constable
  • Police Commissioner
  • Probable Cause
  • Penal Code
  • Politically Correct
  • Protective Custody

8. What is a PC Picture?

PC picture is the photo credit or picture credit used when you have used someone else’s clicked picture. This is also one of the usages of PC on Instagram. 

9. What is PM Slang?

Let’s get to know about PM slang here. PM slang means private message. It is sent when someone wants to have a private conversation with the other person on social media. (See What is DTB Meaning TikTok?)

10. What does SC Mean in Chat?

Since you already know about what is PC on Instagram or PC picture, let’s talk about SC in chat. So, in a chat, SC can mean a silent chuckle. It is used as an expression of amusement. It is used when the sender genuinely found something funny. A silent chuckle means a soft, quiet, and soundless laugh. 


Written by Alex Williams

Alex Williams is a PhD student in urban studies and planning. He is broadly interested in the historical geographies of capital, the geopolitical economy of urbanization, environmental and imperial history, critical urban theory, and spatial dialectics.

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