What does WBY Mean in Texting?

How do you use WBY? What does WBU mean in a Text Message? What does B mean in Texting to a Girl? What does IG mean in Text? What does MHM mean?

Most of the time we are on social media. We use WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media apps to interact with our friends and family. This has given rise to many texting abbreviations to make conversation easier and faster. For example, brb means be right back, or TL means too long. Similarly, what does WBY mean in texting and how do you use WBY? In this article, we will have a look at such questions related to WBY. So, if you are also intrigued by such questions and want to know everything about WBY then read on.

1. What does WBY mean in Texting?

The abbreviation WBY means what about you.  It also means hello and how are you? Young people usually use such an abbreviation while texting their family, pals, or colleagues. Abbreviation saves time while texting. (See What does “HMU” mean in a text/chat message?)

2. How do You use WBY?

So, what does WBY mean in texting? Besides what about or bout you, the abbreviation can also mean Wild Blue Yonder or William Butler Yeats. You have to understand the context in which the speaker is saying WBY. Wild Blue Yonder is an idiom, a saying, which means something that is beyond what one can see. And William Butler Yeats was the pillar of Irish literature. Yeats was a great poet and is a popular name amongst Irish people. (See What does KM mean in Text Messages?)

3. How do You pronounce WBY?

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People usually say what about you while speaking. However, on social media like Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Instagram, people use the abbreviation what about or bout you. Must read How can You pronounce Elie Wiesel?

4. What does WB mean?

It is an abbreviated word, which means what about? Mostly, it is used in texting.

For example,

  • WB him? (that means what about him?)
  • WB the food? (that means what about the food?) and so on.

The abbreviated word WB can also mean Welcome Back! Example: WB! My friend! (that means Welcome Back! My friend!).

What about? Or WB? Is usually used as an open-ended question by the speaker. Another meaning of WB could be write back.

When we say goodbye to a friend or family member while texting. We want that person to contact us again. So, one can say WB soon! (that means write back soon).

One last meaning of WB is the reference to a production house of Warner Brothers in Hollywood. (See What does xd mean when Texting?)

5. What does WBU mean in a Text Message?

Besides what does WBY mean in texting, what does WBU mean in a Text Message? In a text, message WBU means what about or bout you. Such abbreviation is used during text message conversations which means how are you? (See What does GM Mean in a Text?)

6. What does WBU mean from a Girl?

You now know how do you use WBY. So, what does WBU mean in a text message if it’s from a girl? It’s the same as we discussed before. Have a look at the conversation to understand this next.

Tom: Hey Sarah! What are you doing?

Sarah: Nm (nothing much). WBU (what bout you?). (See What is the Meaning of What’s Up?)

7. What does B mean in Texting to a Girl?

Other than what does WBY mean in texting what does B mean in texting to a girl? There can be several meanings when using the alphabet B while texting a girl.

It could be babe, baby, or bae. Besides, there are other common text abbreviations and specific ways to use them correctly. Must read What does it mean when a girl texts “heyy”?

8. What does OGS mean?

OGS is used like slang, which means Original Gangster. It is said someone who is highly respected. It means that the OGS person is the original or originator/ creator of a noteworthy thing. (See What is ATP Meaning in Text?)

9. What does P mean in Texting?

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There could be several meanings for using P. You need to figure out in which context P is used. P could stand for positivity.

Suppose you are the P emoticon, it looks like this – ;P – This emoticon refers to winking and sticking out your tongue. A sender uses this emoticon with a cheeky and humorous message.

The sender could also use :P, which just means sticking out the tongue and is used in the same humorous tone. It usually means something funny and silly.

Other meanings of alphabet P are:

  • Player (a man who is dating multiple women).
  • Example: I went out for a dinner with my new b.f., but he turned out to be a P.

P could be used like text slang.

  • Example: Tom: I got a job at that MNC!
  • Greg: Really? That’s a P!

Using P as too much positivity that you are actually pushing it to another level.

  • Example: Kelly: Hey Sam! I am going to buy a new apartment soon.
  • Sam: You know what? You are pushin’ P. 

10. What does IG mean in Text?

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IG is the short form for Instagram. It can also mean, I guess. (See What is the Meaning of Dry Texter?)

11. What does MHM mean?

MHM is an expression, a sound like mm-hmm. A kind of humming sound that we often use to show our agreement or yes. Do check out what does WTM mean in Snapchat?

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