What is an Unhealthy Relationship?

What is a Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship? How do Non-Supportive Behaviour and Miscommunication affect a Relationship? Why is there Continuous Loneliness?

Relationships are the bonds we create in this world for the peace of our hearts and souls. Every relationship is a bonding that requires effort from both sides equally. If a person does not put the required effort into a relationship, problems begin to crop up. We cannot and should not ignore the signs of a bad relationship. Therefore, today, we will understand what is an unhealthy relationship and how to identify it.

1. What is a Relationship?

A relationship can be defined as a way or method of connecting two or more people or things. It is a state of being connected emotionally. A relationship can exist by blood, like blood relations between parents and children. A relationship is formed after marriage between two people and their families. Another underrated relationship is the relationship between friends. (See  Why Instagram is bad for relationships?)

2. What is a Healthy Relationship?

A healthy relationship has the following characteristics.

  • It involves trust, love, dignity, open communication, and respect.
  • The people involved in the relationship are ready to compromise without complaining, and there is hope among them for their love-filled life ahead.
  • No one uses their position to suppress the other person, and they are all happy under each other’s wings. (See How Should A Woman Treat Her Man)

3. What is an Unhealthy Relationship?

This type of relationship is the opposite of a healthy relationship because:

  • There is no mutual understanding, love, faith, or respect. In such a relationship, a man dominates his power to suppress the women by all means and vice versa may also be true.
  • What is an unhealthy relationship? It is when there is no freedom as they cannot make any decisions for themselves and feel a loss of identity.
  • People do not feel the desire to connect emotionally so as to build and grow a sound relationship between them.
  • Abuse in any form is also an important aspect of an unhealthy relationship. So now you know what is an unhealthy relationship? let’s discuss the negative aspects of it. (Also read Why do people fight?

4. What are the Signs of a Bad Relationship?

  • There is no mutual support towards each other in such a relationship.
  • Poor communication as no one is ready to talk about the matters that are bothering them. They believe and make assumptions on their own.
  • They work overtime in the office, reach home late, never bother to inform and behave as if the other person is overly concerned about them and possessive.
  • Often a tad of jealousy is a sign of love because it shows the other person cannot bear their partner being with someone else. But there is a limit to things, and when those limits are crossed and turns into obsession.
  • Jealousy gives birth to distrust, and this can make your partner a control freak. They might try to control your social circle, phone usage, friend meets, family gatherings, and everything else.
  • They can go to such extreme measures to control you that physical and verbal violence could begin too.
  • Not reciprocating other person’s feelings is a way of hurting their feelings. Ignoring their calls and text when you are late for your anniversary party and casually saying sorry for arriving late is a sign of disrespect to their emotions. (Also read Psychology of Ignoring Someone)
  • Honesty is the best policy, a quote that is the basis of every relationship. When it is ignored, then it is what is an unhealthy relationship. If a person is dishonest with their partner and hides things from them, then it gives birth to suspicions.
  • In a relationship, sometimes both of them earn and manage, while sometimes only one earns and the other manages the finances. In both conditions, it is necessary to evaluate and discuss the finances.
  • Cheating in any form is the most disgusting thing your partner can do to disrespect your emotions. Often they will try to justify their situation and start to blame you for literally everything going wrong in their life.
  • They might even use threats as weapons like they will leave you or remarry or ground you from everyone. This is the extent of disrespect one can show in an unhealthy relationship. (See 10 Red Flags in a Relationship with a Woman)

5. When you are Together Yet Alone?

In an unhealthy relationship, there is consistent loneliness amongst you and your partner as well as even within you. Even when you are both together, in the same room, lying beside each other, you may not want to talk. Loneliness affects a person’s health and it should be taken care of. So, building a healthy, peaceful, positive atmosphere together will put an end to all sorts of pain and will definitely light up the relationship. (See What is Romantic Love in Psychology?)  

From the above-mentioned signs of a bad relationship, you must have understood, what is an unhealthy relationship. When things are not improving, then the best option is to end things. If you feel confused, it is better to seek help and advice from your family or friends. (Also read 7 Stages of Grief after Breakup)

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