What Months are Summer in Australia?

Does Australia have 4 Seasons? What Months are Summer in Australia? Is Australia Cold in Summer? What is the Best Season to visit Australia?

When people are talking about one of the largest countries and the smallest continent in the world they are talking about Australia. As we know, it is situated in the southern hemisphere between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Due to its location, it’s quite different from the rest of the world. It falls on the south of the equator and thus has different weather conditions than the rest of the world. The seasons here are different. People are curious about questions like- what months are summer in Australia or is Australia cold in summer? Let’s learn all these things about this beautiful country in this article.

1. Does Australia have 4 Seasons?

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The climate throughout the 8 states and territories of Australia is pretty diverse. Most of the country experiences four seasons. The country goes through a wet and dry season in the tropical north. Since Australia is located to the south of the equator and is situated in the northern hemisphere, its seasons are at opposite times to those of the countries located in the northern hemisphere.

Australia has four seasons- summer, winter, spring, and autumn. It’s spring here in September, October, and November. December, January, and February are summer months here. From April to May it’s autumn and lastly, from June to August it’s winter. After learning about the four seasons in Australia, let’s move forward and learn what months are summer in Australia. (See What are the States with 4 Seasons?)

2. What Months are Summer in Australia?

In Australia, the season times are opposite to that of the countries situated in the northern hemisphere. Australia has four months namely spring, summer, autumn, and winter. So, what months are summer in Australia? The summer months in Australia are December, January, and February. When things start to cool off in the north the summer starts in Australia. It’s fascinating how different places in the same world experience opposite seasons at the same time. During the Australian summertime, the days, are mostly sunny and warm.

However, from November to April it’s a wet season in the tropical north. Some locations in Australia like Cairns, Broome, Whitsundays, and Darwin experience tropical storms and heavy rains. The southern part of the country, however, has the best weather during this time. With this, you must have understood what months are summer in Australia. (See What are the Six Seasons in India?)

3. Is Australia Cold in Summer?

After understanding what months are summer in Australia, let’s answer another interesting query- Is Australia cold in summer? Australia is a whole separate continent distant from the other continents of the world. It is situated to the south of the equator and thus, the seasons here differ from the rest of the world. Australia does have a summer season that starts in December and lasts till February. It gets very hot during the summertime. The average temperature during Australian summers ranges from 18.6 ℃ – 25.8 ℃ (65.5 ℉ – 78.4 ℉). The average humidity during this time spikes to 65%.

Thus, it’s quite clear that Australia isn’t cold during its summer. Although an important point of consideration is that when it’s summertime in the northern hemisphere it’s wintertime in Australia. This season difference may cause confusion in the minds of the people living in the northern hemisphere that Australia is cold in the summers. (See What are Disadvantages of Summer Season?)

4. What Month is the Hottest in Australia?

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After understanding- Is Australia cold in summer or not and what months are summer in Australia, let’s learn about its hottest month. Australia has four seasons spring, summer, winter, and autumn. The summer here starts in December and it lasts till February. The average temperature during these months is 18.6 ℃ – 25.8 ℃ (65.5 ℉ – 78.4 ℉). The humidity spikes to 65% during these months. For most of Australia, the hottest months are December or January but for southern Australia, the months of January and February are warmer. On 13 January 2022, Australia saw its hottest-ever recorded temperature of 50.7 ℃. (See Which are the Summer Months in Canada?)

5. Where is it Hot in Australia All Year Round?

You all know what months are summer in Australia and that Australia is known for being a hot country with much of its area bearing uncomfortable temperatures. It’s not uncommon for the temperature to reach above 40 ℃ here. Generally, the northern part is hot in Australia all year round. The north of Western Australia and the Northern Territory are particularly hot throughout the year. Darwin and Broome are among the largest places in Australia’s northern part to always be warm. They experience a tropical climate as well. (See Where is it Summer Right Now?) 

6. Why is Australia so Hot?

Since you know what months are summer in Australia and where is it hot in Australia all year round, let’s learn more about the reasons behind Australia being so hot. The hot temperature of Australia is always making news in the world. It faces a lot of heatwaves and wildfires, but have you ever wondered why? There is a high-pressure ridge over Australia all the time. It causes this place to get so dry and hot.

As you know, the earth is a sphere thus, most of the sun’s energy is focused around the equator rather than the pole. Warm moist air rises around the equator due to this extra warmth. As this air moves to the cooler, upper atmosphere, its moisture condenses and forms tropical rain. This is the reason why the tropics are so hot and rainy. But once this air loses its moisture it travels away from the equator. This descending air falls back on the earth at about 30 degrees of latitude north and south and thus forms a high-pressure ridge.

This dominant high-pressure ridge prevents rain. It blocks air from rising and thus the air can’t have enough moisture to form raindrops. This band of descending air is the reason behind there being deserts all over the world about 30 degrees north and south. This is the reason why Australia’s center is so hot and dry. Moreover, its location far from the sea is also a reason behind it being hot. Mostly the southeast parts of this continent experience worse heatwaves. Heatwaves occur when a high-pressure system moves across the continent and pushes dry, hot air from the outback down in the direction of the coast. (See Why is it Hotter in Summer?)

7. Does it get Cold in Australia?

Australia is situated in the southern hemisphere and thus experiences opposite seasons from those of the northern hemisphere continents, like North America and Europe. It is blessed with an immense variety in its climate. It mainly has four seasons- summer, spring, winter, and autumn. The winter here starts from June to August. It does get pretty cold in Australia during winters with the temperature going as low as 5 ℃. (See What are the Names of Coldest Places on Earth?)

8. How Cold is Australia in Winter?

The Australian continent enjoys a variety of seasons and winter is one of them. So, here June, July, and August are the winter months. The southern part of Australia can be affected by the cold winds of Antarctic origin. The average winter temperature in the Australian city of Sydney drops between 8.8 ℃ – 17 ℃ (47.8 ℉ – 62.6 ℉). The temperature sometimes goes as low as 5 ℃ in Australia. (Read What happens to the body in cold weather?)

9. What is the Coldest Month in Australia?

Generally, the winters in Australia are cool with average temperatures dropping to as low as 5 ℃. June, July, and August are the three winter months in Australia. Among these three months, usually, July is the coldest month in Australia. During this month, Australia experiences the coldest days and nights due to the June winter solstice. (See How many Degrees is considered Cold?)

10. Does it Ever Snow in Australia?

Now that you have learned that July is the coldest month in Australia, it’s time to know if it ever snows in Australia or not. Some parts of Australia do experience a significant amount of snow. The Alpine region here experiences impressive snowfalls. There is annual snowfall in the Snowy Mountains region, Victoria’s High Country region, and the Tasmanian region of Australia. This country is a secret winter wonderland where you can joyfully enjoy the snow. 

11. What is the Best Season to Visit Australia?

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If you are planning a trip to Australia, then one of the best times to visit this country is during the spring and autumn seasons. During this time you will get the perfect travel conditions as the weather is in a transition phase. It’s either warming up or cooling down from the summer high. The north of the country from Broome to Cairns is also going through the dry season at this time. Additionally, during this time, flight tickets are much cheaper than during the busy season.

December to February is the high season in Australia. It’s the summer season here during this time. People love the shining sun and the dazzling beaches during the summer season. It is, however, the most expensive time to travel to this country, but people who love activities like snorkeling, surfing, or swimming really love this time for trips here. If you are planning to visit Australia during the high season, do organize your booking beforehand. To know more, check out why is summer the best season for trips and vacays.

12. Which City in Australia has the Best Weather?

Without a doubt, Perth city in Australia has the best weather among the other territories and states of the country. It enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters and hot as well as dry summers. It experiences 250+ days of sunny blue skies. (See 10 Places with Best Weather in the World)

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