10 Places with Best Weather in the World

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You might have wondered where to go during the extreme summers and winters. Well, there are many places with extreme weather. But there are also places where moderate weather is experienced. Now, places with best weather in the world will give you a peaceful, pollution-free, and lovely experience where you do not have to think about your leather jackets, caps, or masks. A place with the best climate in the world makes it effective for both living and work.  You need to read more about the weather of different places to understand which one gives the perfect vibes for your visit.

10 Places with Best Weather in the World

Location matters a lot in the determination of the best weather in the world. Due to global warming, weather and climate are severely altered in many places. In this drastic environment, it is essential to identify places with best weather in the world so that you can understand and take initiatives to maintain weather conditions. 

1. Spain

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The first place is known as one of the places with best weather in the world. In Spain, Malaga experiences a typically moderate sunny day while the whole of the European continent is shivering on the winter days. It is popularly noted for being the capital of Costa del Sol or the Coast of the sun. Another important place is the Canary Islands.

These Islands are famous vacation spots due to the cool Atlantic winds that prepare you for a sun bask during extreme weather conditions in other places. These islands are situated closer to the Equator which makes the climate tropical and sunny during winters. The Tenerife Islands receive heavy rainfall and moderate winds. There are other Islands where marine life and ecosystem are maintained and explored. Also, check out what State has the highest humidity?

2. Sao Paulo

The second place would be Sao Paulo in Brazil. The temperature on a normal day mediates between 20 to 27 degrees Celsius. The region also receives a good amount of rainfall in the summer season. The number of visitors and tourists in this area is more than 10 million a year. However, the place is not prone to natural disasters like tornados or cyclones. (See What is North Pole Temperature today?)

3. Oahu

The third place among the places with best weather in the world is Oahu, Hawaii. The weather in the region is warm and temperate. In a day, the weather forecast shows 20 to 25 degrees Celsius in this area. This place is not prone to heavy rainfall and heavy storm. (See Where is it 70 Degrees year round in The United States?)

4. San Diego

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The fourth place with best weather in the world is San Diego in California, USA. The summer season experiences a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Winter days have a temperature of 19 degrees Celsius. Summer in this place is normally dry and sunny. Also, the presence of the river San Diego makes the weather cooler and pleasant. (See What States don’t get Snow?)

5. Mombasa

This is Mombasa in Kenya, South Africa. It lies close to the equator due to which it experiences tropical weather throughout the year. Wet and moist weather characterizes this region.

6. Nice

It will be nice to visit Nice in France during any season. Here, you will witness a temperature level varying between 19 to 27 degrees Celsius. For a maximum of 50 days, rainfall and cold winds occur in this place. Must read why can’t we go to Antarctica?

7. Sydney

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In Australia, there is a place called Sydney. The place is noted for its beautiful ambiance and moderate temperature. In summer, the level of temperature lies between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. The winter days experience a temperature level of about 20 degrees Celsius. In this region, the occurrence of snowfall, cyclones, hurricanes, and thunderstorms is not seen. Also, check out Does it Snow in Australia?

8. Costa Rica

The weather in Costa Rica is famous for two reasons. The microclimatic zones in this region along with moderate weather conditions are responsible for the level of temperature rise between 20 and 27 degrees Celsius.

9. Kunming City

Kunming city is also called the Spring city in China. This place situated in the Yunnan region experiences warm summers and dry winters. The mean temperature in a year lies between 15 and 16 degrees Celsius. Also, check out what Country has the longest name?

10. Loja

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In Ecuador, there is a place called Loja. In this region, the temperature level lies between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius. A common experience is the lack of sunlight in the morning as it is located in a valley. Average rainfall of about 60mm is received in this region. (See What is the Absolute Location of the Philippines?)

10 Countries with Perfect Climates in the World

Just like there are places with best weather in the world, here is a list of different countries with perfect climates in the world. A study of the different countries with the best climate in the world indicates the beauty of the seasons and their days. The aesthetics of beauty remains transparent in these countries when you feel an attractive vibe altogether. (See What are the Six Seasons in India?)

1. Greece

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It is one of the most beautiful countries from the ancient period. The city is quite famous through the famous plays and philosophies written by Greek ancestors and individuals. The country is surrounded by hills, mountain tracts, and small villages. The presence of a Mediterranean climate ensures mild climatic conditions in this country. Reports on the study of the climatic conditions stand out in the list of the places with best weather in the world. (See What are the Seven wonders of the World?)

2. Spain

Spain experiences a temperate climatic zone. This country receives good ratings for its social spaces and leisure activities. However, the country does not have a standard economic background compared to the biggest economies of the world. But the industries working for the improvement of tourism and traveling are very high. (See What is the Smallest City in the World?)

3. Costa Rica

This place attained 12th position in the Expat survey out of 64 countries in the world. The tropical climate is best experienced near the plateau and the mountainsides. From December to April, the country experiences the best climate. Natural beauty is more prominent in different places during this period and the country receives less rainfall. (See How do Mountains affect Dry Areas like Nevada?)

4. Cyprus

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If you want to make new connections and new relationships, Cyprus is the place for you. This country received 69 percent of reviews of good accommodations and socializing activities. The climate from May to October is warm and hot. The winter season from December to February experiences mild temperatures ranging from 25 to 20 degrees Celsius. (See When do Days Start to get Longer?)

5. Malta

Malta is a country that can be listed among the places with best weather in the world and Europe. From October to March, the country receives rainfall. However, during summer, the country receives no rain and is warm and hot. Snowfall is a rare phenomenon in this country. The work-life balance in this country is uplifting and encourages people to be calm and productive in their work as well. Also, check out 16 Snowing in the Mountains Facts.

6. Uganda

Good local culture and its value are evident in the country of Uganda. 15 percent of the local population in Uganda finds the climate good and delightful. The friendly atmosphere along with mild temperatures provides a good welcome spirit for the travelers.

7. Kenya

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Kenya is a country where the greenery attracts people to visit the place frequently. The gentle wind and the moderate temperature level enhance a good climate in this place. Certain safety issues make the visitors rate the place badly. 28 percent of the people complained about the illegal activities in the country that drastically affects the tourism industry. Must read what are the names of coldest places on Earth?

8. South Africa

In South Africa, the environment is so pure and maintained that it experiences better climatic conditions than the African continent. The subtropical climate is the major attraction due to the winds on the east coast and the west coast. Hence, the Drakensberg region experiences heavy rain. The southwest region has a normal and moderate Mediterranean climate. (See What does the Thermometer and Snowflake mean on Weather App?

9. Mexico

A wonderful country where the climate is mild and delightful is Mexico. Mexico has a moderate climate that allowed it to the top second out of 64 countries for visitors. Along with that, the career prospects and job security are also highlighted here.

10. Portugal

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The quality of the climate in Portugal is notable. The country is considered third-most among the countries in life quality and ease of settlement. From January to March, the temperature drops to 17 degrees Celsius. Then it rises to 27 degrees Celsius. The Atlantic coastline also assures rainfall in notable areas. (See How many States are Along the East and West Coasts?)

The places with best weather in the world have a moderate and delightful environment. The impact of a cultural spirit in life and work is a result of it. Natural beauty is recognized and recaptured through the mildness offered through different seasons. A moderate temperature ensures a good place to relax and relieve stress as the quality of the different activities of that place engage and attracts you. You can read about these places with the best weather in the world and the best climate in the world. Then, decide the destination to start your journey. (Also read  12 Facts about Fog Breath)

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