What States don’t get Snow?

Do all American States get Snow? If not then what States don’t get Snow? What are the States that get the most Snow? Where does it snow the most in the world?
JAN23 What States don’t get Snow?

Having the experience of the first snow touching your hands is a phenomenal feeling. Touching the snow, playing with it, making snowmen, and throwing snowballs bring out the inner child in you. The joy of playing with snow though is not accessible all around the world. Some people have never seen the snow in their lifetime. Even not all states of America get snow. Now you may wonder what states don’t get snow? What are the states that get the most snow in the USA? In this article, you will learn these topics along with the states with the least snow.

1. Is there any State in the U.S.A. where it doesn’t Snow?

All the fifty states of the USA have experienced snow at some point in time. But Florida is a southeastern state of the USA that doesn’t experience traditional snow or wintry weather. It rarely gets cold in comparison to the northern states of the united states. But in the past years due to winter storms, it has also had rare experiences of snow.

For example, in 2018, due to a winter storm, Inga, even Florida experienced sleet or snow cover. However, the southern part of Florida doesn’t experience much of a winter and so it is the first on the list of what states don’t get snow. Earlier it experienced snow 45 years ago on Jan 19th of 1977. (See Does it Snow in Australia?)

2. What States don’t get Snow?

Meteorologists have reported that the majority of states in the USA get snowfall though the snowfall doesn’t occur simultaneously in them. Some states however have a rare probability of experiencing snowfall. These states include Florida (especially South Florida), California, Louisiana, Georgia, and Hawaii. (See What does the Thermometer and Snowflake mean on Weather App?)

3. What States get the Least amount of Snow? States with the Least Snow

Not all American states have heavy snowfall every year. These six states in the southern part of the United States are the states with the least snow.

  • Florida: It doesn’t have an annual snowfall average as it has only seen snow 16 times in this current century. Here the temperatures don’t go low. The average temperature across Florida in 2021 was 72.3 °F. Based on the data from weather stations across Florida from 1991 to 2020, January is the coldest month in Florida and the average temperature at that time is 59.3 °F. It is very warm compared to other parts of the USA. (See Why can’t We go to Antarctica?)
  • Hawaii: The annual snowfall in Hawaii is also non-existent. The temperature highs here are close to the 80s and the temperature lows are close to the upper 60s. Mauna Kea, Kilauea, and Mauna Loa are the three tallest volcanoes in Hawaii where the probability of seeing snow is high.
  • Louisiana: It is a snow-free destination. The average snowfall here is an inch or less. The winter highs here are close to the mid-60s.
  • Alabama: Most cities in the region of the Gulf Coast of Alabama and the southern part of Alabama experience an average of 0.2 or fewer inches of snow. Some cities in the state though have an average of 13 inches of snowfall amount.
  • Mississippi: Central Mississippi usually sees an inch of snow. The southern region and Gulf Coast of Mississippi get about half an inch or less than half-inch snow annually. The northern part of the state gets 2 inches of snow. But it is inconsistent. Must read about the hottest Desert in the World.
  • Georgia: The snowfall is less than an inch annually in central and southern Georgia. But due to the presence of the Northeastern Mountain Range, northern Georgia sees approximately 3 inches of snow annually. Also, check out 16 Snowing in the Mountains Facts.

4. American Towns that have never seen Snow

Now that you know what states don’t get snow? Besides what states don’t get snow, lets now look at the American towns that have never seen snow in them.

  • Miami, Florida
  • Hilo, Hawaii
  • Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Long Beach, Calafornia
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Sacramento, California
  • San Diego, California
  • San Jose, California
  • Key West, Florida
  • Naples Florida
  • Everglades City, Florida
  • Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands. (See What Country has the Longest Name?)
  • Hagatna, Guam
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Brownsville, Texas. Also, check out what Country am I in?

5. Map of States that don’t get Snow

The southern states of America mostly don’t get snow. These states include Florida (especially South Florida), California, Louisiana, Georgia, and Hawaii. You can easily locate and get a clear view of what states don’t get snow in the southern part of this map. (See What is the Northern Most State in the U.S.?)

6. What States get the Most Snow? 15 Snowiest Places in the U.S.

The yearly snowfall breaks records in some states of the United States. According to a compilation of weather data from NOAA’s National Centres for Environmental Information and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the States that get the most snow are-

  • Vermont: It has chilly and frosty winter. Its northeastern part called Burlington sees an annual snowfall of 72 inches. It had 102 inches of snow in the 2018-19 winter season.
  • Maine: The northern tip of Maine accumulates up to 125 inches of snow. This state on average sees an average of 10 to 80 inches of snow.
  • New Hampshire: It is a statewide annual snowfall average of 60 inches per year. The highest peak in New Hampshire’s White Mountains is called Mount Washington. It tops as the snowiest place in the country as it has an annual average of 23 feet of snow.
  • Colorado: It sees a variation of snowfall within it. Its mountainous regions have an annual snowfall of 150-400 inches, whereas Denver has an annual snowfall average of 57 inches.
  • Alaska: It sees pretty heavy snowfall. Yakutat is a city in Alaska that snows up to 216 inches per year.
  • Michigan: It has quite heavy snow. Sault Ste. Marie is among the snowiest cities in Michigan. It receives a seasonal snowfall of 120 inches.
  • Massachusetts: Here in each winter month there are an average of five snow events. The winter here greatly affects the central and northeastern cities of Massachusetts. Also, check out what are the Seven Wonders of the World?
  • New York: It receives an annual snowfall of 40 inches or more. The cities in its western art get the most snow.
  • Wyoming: Here are some mountain ranges that experience more than 200 inches of annual snowfall.
  • Wisconsin: Most of its central and northeastern part sees an annual snowfall of 40 to 50 inches.
  • Minnesota: Here snowstorms are very common. It sees an annual snowfall of about 40 to 60 inches. International Falls here is one the coldest inhabited places in the world.
  • Utah: The mountain ranges here receive 400 inches of snow annually.
  • Rhode Island: It western parts receive an average snowfall of about 40 to 45 inches annually.
  • Connecticut: The nor’ easter and winter storms are common here. The average snowfall here in a typical winter is 35 to 50 inches.
  • South Dakota: It’s in the United States’ northern location and thus is very prone to snowstorms. The average snowfall here is 30 inches. The area of Black Hill National Forest however receives an average of 70 inches of snowfall annually. (See Is Bahamas part of US?)

7. How far South do you have to go for no Snow?

Most of the southern part of the united states also has at least 0.1 inches of snowfall. If you go to the south, then Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Hawaii, and Louisiana are the states with the least snow in the USA. These are the places where you can avoid snowfall. Now you know what states don’t get snow in America. (See How do Mountains affect Dry Areas like Nevada?)

8. Where does it not Snow in the World?

JAN23 What States don’t get Snow

When the atmospheric temperature is below the freezing point then only snow forms. Some places though don’t have the privilege of ever experiencing snow. To answer what states don’t get snow in the world, below are the names.

  • Venezuela: It’s a hot place and is located next to Columbia in South America. Snow was a usual occurrence here but due to global warming, the snow here stays no longer than 24 hours on Pico Espejo.
  • Vanuatu: Nobody has a memory of ever seeing snow here. It may have snowed sometime here but nobody remembers. It has tropical weather, active volcanoes, and beaches. (See When do Days Start to get Longer?)
  • Fiji: This tropical nation in the South Pacific Ocean has never likely seen snowfall.
  • Tuvalu: This is another South Pacific country to have no snowfall. It is a hot and humid tropical location. Here the average yearly temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Cairo, Egypt: It has an unbelievably dry climate and less than one inch of rainfall annually. So, snowfall isn’t possible. (See Where is Turkey Situated?)
  • The Dry Valley, Antarctica: It is the driest place on the planet. This location hasn’t seen rainfall in nearly two million years. It doesn’t receive any snowfall.
  • New Delhi, India: It never has enough precipitation to freeze at the ground level. The winter here is dry. It does see frost but not snowfall. Must read how is Dew formed?
  • The Virgin Islands: The lowest temperature recorded here is no less than 60 degrees. It has never snowed here and there isn’t a future probability for the same.
  • Guam: It has a high-temperature range as it’s closer to the equator. It doesn’t have inevitable winter chills, in fact, the lowest temperature recorded here is 65 degrees. It has never seen even a bit of snow. (See What are the Names of Coldest Places on Earth?)

9. Where does it Snow the most in the World?

Apart from discussing what states don’t get snow, there is a city in the world that experiences 26 feet high snow tunnels. This city is Aomori city in Aomori prefecture, Japan. It is the snowiest city in the world. Here in winter, you have 8 meters of snowfall annually. In the world, the snowiest place is Japan’s Mountains. (See How are Volcanoes Distributed on the Map?)

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