Why is it Hotter in Summer?

What causes Summer? How does the Sun get Hot? Which is Hotter: Lava or Sun? Is Summer Season the Best?

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The Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere have different seasons in particular which in a way defines the seasons we experience in different countries. These are referred to as the summer or the winter. You might have heard that certain Americans will have a bitter winter while people from other continents might experience a warm summer at the same time of the day. So, have you come across the fact that why is it hotter in summer and what causes summer? Don’t worry we will let you know further.

1. Why is it Hotter in Summer?

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Seasons always work differently in different hemispheres. Take a look at the following points to know why is it hotter in summer:

  • You might think that the earth is far away from the sun and that’s why it gets cooler, however, that is not the only case. If the distance of the sun would decide the season, then both hemispheres would have the same seasons at a time.
  • In fact, the seasons always explain the tilt of the earth. Our planet falls at a 23.5º angle in space, which is the rotational angle responsible for the tilt. We all know that earth travels around the sun for 365 days, and it points directly to the sun at different times.
  • When the northern part of the Earth is edged towards the sun, the sunlight points directly there and that is where the earth’s surface is heated up and we experience summer at that time.

2. What causes Summer?

A lot of us believe that Earth is closer to the Sun in the summer and that is the reason it is hotter in summer. Besides, they also think that earth is far from the sun in the winter. Well, it is partially true. It is summer in June in the Northern Hemisphere because the rays of the sun hit the earth more directly than at any other time of the year, which is a result of the earth’s rotational tilt. This is the reason and the answer to why is it hotter in summer. (See Does the sun have seasons?)

3. How does the Sun get Hot?

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  • If you observe the stars directly, you will realize that you are seeing a different sun in the solar systems. When the sun bursts into creation, it has gasses that include a core and the center which has atoms as a result of nuclear fusion.
  • This pressure creates heat at a temperature of 15 million °C. This is so hot that it vaporizes anything before it has a chance to even come close.
  • It becomes intensely hot when the heat is radiated outwards. The closer you get, the hotter it becomes as the sun’s atmosphere always holds the heat.

The heat molecules radiate out from the core which bounces through the first layer, called a radiative zone. This is your answer to the question how does the sun get hot.

4. How Hot does it get in Summer?

The temperatures of 100º F are very common in a lot of parts of the United States during summer. Do you wonder how hot it would be if the earth is closer to the sun? Basically, it is 93 million miles away, the earth is far away which means that the earth has a very long time for it to reach the sun. (See Where is it Summer Right Now?)

5. Which is Hotter: Lava or Sun?

When you think of the hottest thing on earth, it could be lava. It is the hottest melted rock that flows from volcanoes. Lava is hot and reaches temperatures of 2200º F or more than that. However, lava also cannot hold the heat of the sun. The photosphere refers to the surface of the sun, it is not even the hottest part of the earth. The sun’s temperature is colossal at 10000º F. Therefore, it is about five times hotter than the hottest lava on Earth. 

6. Is Summer Season the Best?

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There is no other season other than summer which brings everyone together. Summers have their own benefits and magic.

  • We can get plenty of Vitamin D. This could be awesome as a lot of us don’t spend time outside and have a deficiency of Vitamin D.
  • It is a simple fact that you can spend more time outdoors, with mother nature.
  • Summer will have a lot of fruits. Like peaches to watermelon, it helps us to relish different tastes.
  • Everyone likes summer vacation; it is the best part of the summer when you get time to spend with your family.

The sun is mostly to thank for our existence. The location of the Earth inside the solar system is ideal. Heat is produced when hot gases burn in the sun. It is because of this that summer has arrived. The earth’s axis is what leads to the occurrence of the seasons and the sun’s beams go either directly or indirectly to different regions of the planet. Also, note that the Northern Hemisphere experiences summer when the North Pole is tilted toward the sun, and vice versa. I hope you liked and understood why is it hotter in summer and the facts related to the occurrence of the seasons. (See What are the Six Seasons in India)

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