What are Disadvantages of Summer Season?

What are the Disadvantages of Hot Weather? What are the 5 Effects of Heat? How does Heat affect the Environment? How does Heat affect the Brain?
What are Disadvantages of Summer Season

As kids, we all have loved summers at least once in our life. There were so many activities to do and that too, without studies. But sometimes the heat in summer was too much to bear. This showed that apart from advantages, there were also disadvantages of summer season. The heat in the atmosphere is harmful to everyone and it also disrupts the balance of the environment. Sometimes, people say that winters are better than summer. But why is it so? Let us know all of it here.

1. What is a Fact about Summer?

Summer is one of the four most important seasons in the cycle of seasons. Everyone enjoys summer but this season is particularly enjoyed by children because they have their holidays and there is so much fun around.

  • In the northern hemisphere, the arrival of summer is indicated by the summer solstice.
  • In summer, the Eiffel tower increases in height by 6 inches. This happens because it is made up of metal and metal expands due to heat.
  • The lower Midwest and Southeast parts of the United States get more rain in summer.
  • In June every year, the goats in Morocco climb 30 feet up the Argan trees to eat its fruit.
  • Regions such as Canada, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia, and Alaska experience midnight sun for a few weeks.

2. What happens in Summer Season?

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In the summer season, the temperature rises and the climate becomes warmer. The season can be dry too when the climates rise. This can also result in water supply shortages and droughts. But most of the time, the summer season is fun. Summer is about holidays when most of the schools are closed and children can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Summer season is also a vacation season. It’s about enjoying cool and delicious food like drinks and ice cream. The temperatures in India can go from 25° C to 45°C. These temperatures vary in different parts of the world. In the USA, the summers range from 27°C to 32°C. (See Why is it Hotter in Summer?)

3. What are Disadvantages of Summer Season?

Here are some disadvantages of summer season.

  • In most places, there is a scarcity of water. The water level of the ground depletes, creating water crises.
  • There are droughts in many regions due to the scarcity of water. The vegetation of the place gets affected and it results in a shortage of food.
  • The afternoons become very hot and going out of home for some work becomes difficult.
  • There is a lot of dust everywhere. The hot winds called loo blow during the summer season. It can make people ill.
  • Even animals are affected by the shortage of water. They do not get enough water to drink.

4. What are the Disadvantages of Hot Weather?

There are a lot of disadvantages of hot weather. Some of them are: 

  • The hot weather can lead to rough and dry skin, causing skin problems.
  • This weather disrupts the balance of the ecosystem. It puts marine life in danger.
  • Due to the disadvantages of summer season, the risk of dehydration increases. This leads to kidney damage.
  • Excessive heat and humidity can lead to other health problems.
  • The UV rays in hot weather can damage the skin cells, which can lead to skin cancer.

5. What are the 5 Effects of Heat?

The 5 effects of heat leading to some disadvantages of summer season are:

  • Too much heat can cause weather disruption. The disasters like floods, droughts, and heat waves are worsened due to heat.
  • Many cardiovascular and respiratory disorders are triggered due to heat and there are increased hospitalizations.
  • The shortage of water is a major issue that happens due to heat. The climate becomes dry and hot winds blow.
  • Heat strokes are seen due to hot weather which is dangerous and sometimes fatal too.
  • Heat negatively affects the functioning of the mind which disrupts daily activities.

6. How does Heat affect the Environment?

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Heat can negatively affect the environment in many ways causing many disadvantages of summer season:

  • Due to higher temperatures, many types of disasters are worsening, causing disruption and damage. Storms, heat waves, floods, and droughts are becoming more severe.
  • A warmer climate changes weather patterns. Due to heat, an atmosphere is created that can collect, retain, and unleash more water. When this happens, the wet areas become wetter and the dry areas drier.
  • Plants and animals die in the large amount.
  • Severe wildfires in many regions are seen.
  • Birds migrate to other regions due to unbearable temperatures.
  • The melting of glaciers increases the risk of flooding.

7. How does Heat affect the Brain?

Studies have shown that heat has negative effects on the brain. Some of the reasons why it is so are: 

  • There is extreme exhaustion due to heat and the mood can become irritable too, which can dramatically reduce mental health. It can affect daily activities.
  • Heat can affect the functioning of the brain. It is linked to reduced cognitive function, errors in judgment, and a higher risk of occupational injury.
  • Due to heat, proteins and ions can accumulate in the brain which can cause inflammation.
  • Thinking can be hard too when you’re in a hot place.
  • Heat has been known to trigger disorders like anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, dementia, and substance abuse.

8. Which one is Better Summer or Winter?

So, which one is better summer or winter? The answer is subjective. For most people, winters are better than summer. They feel happier and rejoiced in winter. The environment feels fresh and cool. Since the weather is good in winter, the mind stays calm. (See Why Do Some People Hate Summer?)

9. Why Winters are better than Summer?

Winter is better than summer. This is because of the following reasons: 

  • There are a lot of festivals and celebrations in the winter months, making it an exciting time of the year.
  • There is a lot of fun with a number of activities and sports. Sports like ice hockey, ice skating, skiing, snowball fighting, and building snowmen are some of the great activities done in winter.
  • The sun’s heat does not affect you much. The heat feels good and refreshing in winter.
  • There are lots of delicious fruits that are available in the winter months.
  • The hilly and mountainous areas experience snowfall which is a great sight in winter.
  • During winter, insects and pests are absent, which is another reason why winter is relaxing.
  • Since the weather is cool, you are more active and work more productively.

10. What is the Benefit of the Summer Season?

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The summer season has benefits too. Some of them are:

  • Summer is a season for outdoor activities. One enjoys being in the pool all the time to feel refreshed.
  • There are lots of delicious fruits like mango and watermelon available in summer.
  • The kids love summer because they get a long vacation from school.
  • This is a good season for taking a trip.
  • It is a great time to enjoy cold drinks and ice cream as much as you want without anyone scolding you.
  • The sun provides a lot of vitamin D which is beneficial for the body.

Now you know why the summer season can be harmful despite being so much fun. There are many disadvantages of summer season and one needs to protect themselves from these harmful effects. The hot weather presents the negative effects of heat. So, next time, try to keep these things in mind and protect yourself and your family well. (Also read Which are the Summer Months in Canada?)

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