Why some people prefer winter over summer?

Why do people prefer winter weather to summer weather? 12 Reasons Why Winter Is Better Than Summer

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  1. 1 Psychological security

    Some people love winter as they feel more secure when they stay at home and isolate themselves knowing that they are missing nothing.

  2. 2 They aren't comfortable with their bodies

    Many of the people who aren't comfortable with the shape of their bodies prefer winter as it allows them to hide their bodies using clothes.

  3. 3 They don't get cold easily

    Some of the people who don't get cold easily feel more comfortable during winter than summer and as a result they prefer winter over summer. See why some people feel cold easily.

  4. 4 Reduced guilt

    During Winter people can delay important tasks without feeling guilty as the cold weather gives them a good excuse not to go out.

  5. 5 They aren't very outgoing

    Some people don't like summer because they aren't that outgoing and so they don't mind staying at home in winter. Those people usually prefer winter to summer. See also what happens to the body in a cold weather.

  6. 6 They can't tolerate high tempratures

    People who have low tolerance for high temperatures might prefer summer to winter as they can hardly hang out in the sun.

  7. 7 They feel more connected to nature

    Some people like winter because the rain and the snow helps them feel more connected to nature. See also why opening umbrellas indoors is considered bad luck.

  8. 8 They are introverts

    Introverts might prefer winter over summer as they might prefer to spend more time alone instead of seeing friends everyday.

  9. 9 Winter sports

    People who like winter sports might prefer winter over summer as winter allows them to do the activities they are passionate about.

  10. 10 It reminds them of the holiday season

    Some people like winter because it reminds them of the Christmas and the holiday season.

  11. 11 Hating summer bugs

    Some people hate summer because they don't like the insects and the bugs that usually show up in summer. See why many people find insects disgusting.

  12. 12 It's calmer

    Some people might prefer winter over summer as winter is usually calmer and less stressing.

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