The body language of introverts

Alex Williams
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  1. Crossed arms

    Introverts might have their arms crossed in the company of others simply because they don’t feel that comfortable around them. This is more likely to happen around strangers.

  2. Larger personal space

    A typical introvert will leave a big personal space between them and the people they don’t know well. Extroverts, on the other hand, will stand closer to the people they talk to.

  3. Less eye contact

    A typical introvert will maintain less eye contact with strangers and people they don’t know very well. Introverts might not feel comfortable around strangers.

  4. Speaking less

    Introverts speak less than extroverts. A typical introvert might remain silent for a longer period of time, especially when accompanied by strangers.

  5. Poker face

    Introverts don’t usually show their emotions or express their deep feelings to the people they don’t know very well. This poker face they sometimes have on might make them seem like they are not interested in people.

  6. They take less space

    A typical introvert will take less space than a typical extrovert. The extrovert will expand their legs and arms thus taking bigger space. The introvert will do the opposite. (See What is personal space in body language?)

  7. No touching

    A typical extrovert might touch you while talking even if they don’t know you well. A typical introvert, on the other hand, will hardly do so until they get to know you well.

  8. Staring into space

    Introverts think about things all the time. The way they reflect internally might make them seem absent sometimes.

  9. Less movements

    Introverts do less movements while talking to people. Extroverts, on the other hand, use their bodies and limbs while talking.

  10. They don’t talk with their hands

    Introverts hardly use their hands while talking. They might appear calmer and more relaxed than an extrovert.

  11. Hardly explodes in laughter

    A typical introvert will still enjoy jokes and humors but they will hardly explode in laughter in the presence of strangers. Extroverts, on the other hand, laugh out loud all the time. (See Why are some people Extroverts?)

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