Why is Summer the Best Season?

Which Season is the Best and Why? How do You feel in Summer Season? Why is Summer the Healthiest Season? Is Summer or Winter better?

Summers are related to picnics, ice lollies, beach visits, summer dresses, and vacations that you can append with your friends and loved ones. Summer is considered one of the best seasons for one to enjoy life alone and with their friends. There are certain questions that do arise such as why is summer the best season, why is summer so special, and why is summer the healthiest season? Some questions such as these and related ones are answered in this article.

1. Which Season is the Best and Why?

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Well, this is a subjective question and if I am to say, the best season for me is winter because of Christmas.  What is better than burying yourself under thick blankets till you feel all cosy and mushy? Winter is a season where you can just get things done and the vibe of Christmas and Thanksgiving makes it all very homely, who wouldn’t like this?

You can just layer yourself with clothes to get protection from the cold and look like a tiny burrito with just the face popping out of the pile of clothes on you. Nothing better than a hot chocolate in one hand and a romantic novel in the other while eating pastries and hot stuff! (See What are the States with 4 Seasons?)

2. What can You say about Summer?

Why is summer the best season? If you are a sucker for ice lollies, beach visits, and pool weekends then nothing can top the summer season! You can wear your favourite summer dress with a pretty cap and roam around while the shiny sun shines and makes you glow. Ice creams, cold drinks, and fresh drinks are the best things to have in summer along with chips or snacks while watching a movie.

The moment when you enter a room with AC on can be nothing less than heaven! Strawberries and watermelon are seasonal fruits which are so scrumptious that one might just keep munching on them till they can’t move! (See Why is it hotter in summer?

3. How do You feel in Summer Season?

Summer is the time when the days are long and the nights are shorter. The days are hot, and sweaty if you’re in a humid place and one in which you crave nothing but cold juices and fresh fruits. There can be 2 types of people in summer. The first are the ones who love going to the beaches, visiting waterfalls, wearing summer dresses and going on picnics with their loved ones while having ice lollies and the best time of their lives.

And the other types are the ones who absolutely hate the thought of summer, the sweat, the sticky feeling all through the day, and cursing out the sun and summer for making them irritable. (See Which are the summer months in Canada?)

4. Why is Summer So Special?

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Why is summer the best season? There are so many things to do in summer than are countable among which some are swimming, going to concerts, having barbeque nights, and going on picnics. Many people love summer because there are many activities to be done and also many sports that can be played including beach football and cycling. Travelling in summer is also one of the most fun things to do if you have the right people with you. But the happiest people during summer are kids because they get vacations and who isn’t happy if they get holidays? (Read What are the Six Seasons in India?)

5. Why is Summer the Best Season?

  • The warm weather just charges you up and makes you enthusiastic to try new things and get into active activities.
  • The skies look so pretty all blue with white clouds of different shapes and forms, you can make out so many animals and objects if you stare long enough.
  • Picnics are one of the best activities to do along with friends near a water source on green grass while having juices, fruits, and maybe a cake or two.
  • Talking about food, barbeque nights are something that one shouldn’t miss because of the smoky flavour in their taste buds.
  • Beaches, water, and summer complement each other so well and getting into a cool pool of water under the warm shining sun feels so good. 

6. Why is Summer the Healthiest Season?

Why is summer the best season? There is no better season than summer to bring out one’s athletic side be it swimming, football, or cycling. Due to the temperature being warm one tends to drink more water and this is generally absent during other seasons such as winter because when it is cold one does not feel like drinking enough water. The intake of juices and fresh fruits and veggies also adds to the effect is positive. This in turn helps to remove toxins from the body and make the skin feel better. Summer is also known for regulating the body temperature and promoting digestion which is quicker compared to different seasons. (See Where is it summer right now?)

7. Why are People happy in Summer?

Researchers say that the length of day and night has quite an importance in the functioning of our biological clocks and as summer has longer days and shorter nights, many changes and impacts take place. Firstly, this affects the levels of serotonin in the body which is a hormone that affects our hormones, the increased level of which makes you feel happy and chirpy.

Another hormone affected by this is melatonin which helps in the working of mood and sleep, getting enough of which makes our body function better and much more accurate. Keeping all these in mind and also people getting more chances to have fun days are what makes them happier in summer. (See Why some people wear summer clothes in the winter?)

8. Why is the Food better in Summer?

Summer means an abundance and variety of food to choose from which are relatively low in price than some other seasons. Why is summer the best season? This is because there is an increase in the number of fresh fruits and veggies accessible to us and taking this in the form of juices also helps the body get nutrition and energy keeping it healthy.

The choice of fruits and veggies is also colourful making it appealing to the eyes and the stomach and the tastebuds just need a taste of them. The ones that are best to be taken in summer are cucumbers, watermelon, green veggies, melons, and coconut water, the content of water in all of these is high which is also a good substitute for drinking plain water the whole day. (See What are the Seasons and Months of the Year?

9. Is Summer or Winter better?

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Uh oh, this is a pretty difficult question to answer because if you ask whether is summer or winter better, both are equally good because of the things that can be done. Let’s still stick with the first answer which says winter is better because personally, winter seems more homely and cosy for me. Winter is a season where you can protect yourself by putting on clothes till you feel warm but in summer what can you do after stripping off the last layer? Not possibly ripping off your skin to feel better eh?

But again there are good and bad in both the seasons, while the amount of food and choices of them is better during summers, whereas one can get cosy and do things well and have all pretty festivals during the end of the year. (See Why some people prefer winter over summer?)

10. Why is Summer better than Fall?

Fall as the name suggests is when things start getting cold and a time when people restrain themselves from going out regularly, making it difficult to do routine activities or do new things as well. During summers you could just go about the day by going to beaches, surrounding yourself with friends while listening to your favourite music and making lemonades to quench your thirst, maybe add a little bit of tequila for fun hahaha, shush!

However, fall makes everything look gloomy which is also a period when many plants go to their dormant stage or die till the next seed gives birth to another beautiful little life and this is also when many animals start hibernating. 

This article aimed to help you understand the importance of summer and why is summer the best season. There are so many activities that can be done during the vacation period and so many things that one can learn. Some questions were answered including why is summer the healthiest season, and whether is summer or winter better. Hope this helped you know and understand why is summer the best season! (Also read Why Do Some People Hate Summer?)

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