25 Best Home Made Remedies for Sore Throat

How can Honey help with a Sore Throat? Which Drinks are Beneficial to Relieve pain while swallowing?

Viral infections, excess intake of cold liquids, seasonal infection, and various other things can result in a sore throat. The pain, irritation, and scratchiness you feel in your throat are known as a sore throat condition. It pains the most when you swallow. So today, you will get to know about the 25 best home made remedies for sore throat. You can read these home remedies and choose the one that suits you the best for quick relief.

1. Consume Honey

It is rich in antibacterial properties, which can be effective for your sore throat. On the one hand, it will reduce inflammation, and on the other, it will be a pain reliever. It is also a cough suppressant for which you can mix honey in a glass of warm water and drink as required. It is one of the most basic but highly effective home made remedies for sore throat. (See Is Nougat Healthy?)

2. Use a Humidifier

It is a device that keeps the air moist around. Your sore throat may be the result of dry air during the winter or spring seasons. You can get relief from this situation along with your sore throat. (See 6 Nasal Hair Facts)

3. Inhale Peppermint Oil

It contains menthol that has proven to be helpful to calm sore throats and helps to thin mucus. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties also. Mix about five drops of peppermint oil with some other carrier oil (sweet almond, cold-pressed coconut, grape-seed, jojoba, and olive oil). (See Where Do Black Olives Come From?)

4. Have Soup/Broth

Having warm soup and broth will be beneficial for both your hungry stomach and your sore throat. You can add herbs also. Chicken soup is best to get relief from cold, sore throat, and flu. (See 56 Types of Deliciously Famous Soups from Around the World)

5. Gargle with Salty Warm Water

Warm water with some salt helps kill the bacteria and break down the secretions. You have to add a half-teaspoon of salt to the glass of warm water, mix it well, and gargle. It will reduce swelling, and you have to do this like after every 3-4 hours. It is one of the commonly known home made remedies for sore throat. (Also read 38 Different Types of Salt You Didn’t Know Existed)

6. Have Herbal Tea or Green Tea

It may seem old school, but clove tea and green tea are rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile tea works like a lubricant that will help you with a hoarse voice, and peppermint tea will numb the throat and reduce the pain. Make sure not to choose high caffeinated tea because it will affect your sleep. (Also read What are the health benefits of drinking Green Tea?)

7. Gargle with Baking Soda

It may seem weird, but it is going to kill bacteria from mouth to throat, reducing their re-growth. According to the National Cancer Institute, mix baking soda (1/4 teaspoon) and salt (1/8 teaspoon) in a cup of water and gargle every three hours or as needed. (See 63 Amazing Ways to Use Baking Soda

8. Drink Marshmallow Roots Tea

You should add the dried roots of the Marshmallow plant (Althea officinalis) to boiled water to make tea and drink about 2-3 times a day. The roots of the marshmallow plant have a gooey substance that will coat the throat and soothe the pain. Therefore, it is one of the effective home made remedies for sore throat. (See 34 Brilliant Ways to Make Drinking Tea More Exciting and Flavorful)

10. Gargle with Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is rich in antibacterial properties, and according to various studies, it has antimicrobial effects and fights infection. Due to its acidic nature, it will break down the mucus. In a cup of warm water, dilute 1 to 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and gargle. The repetition depends on the condition of your throat. (See 27 Types of Green Apples)

11. Consume Cayenne Pepper Solution

Yes, this is another crazy remedy, but it is a natural pain receptor because of the capsaicin content. With a mix of warm water and honey, you have to ingest 1/4 teaspoon cayenne and bear the initial burning sensation. But this remedy should be avoided if there are open sores in your mouth. (See Why do people like spicy food?)

12. Add Garlic to Meals

The allicin content (an organo-sulfur compound) is found in garlic, which is known to have the ability to fight off infections. According to various studies, researchers have claimed that regular consumption of garlic prevents the common cold. You can add it to your food, and for instant relief, you can suck on a raw garlic clove. (See What are the health benefits of garlic?)

13. Consume Fenugreek Seeds/Leaves

According to various researches, fenugreek has healing powers as it kills bacteria, relieves pain, and has antifungal properties. Out of the 25 home made remedies for sore throat, fenugreek (in any form) is beneficial because you can chew seeds, use topical oil, or drink tea. (Also read 34 Medicinal Plants Worth Your Garden Space)

14. Rest Your Throat

Your sore throat may be a result of yelling or something similar because this activity stresses your throat and vocal cords. So, the more you talk, the worse it will get. Therefore, try to remain silent and use the remedies to ease the stress. (See World Record For Hiccups

15. Take a Steam Bath

According to Dr. Chester F Griffiths, a board-certified Otolaryngologist, any type of humidification is good for relieving the symptoms. Also, your throat normally produces mucus, but when having a sore throat, the mucus swells and turns hard, resulting in coughing and pain. Therefore, moisture received through steam will add some moisture to it. On top of that, your hygiene will also remain on point, adding to your health. You can try it out as it is one of the best home made remedies for sore throat. (Also read 21 Most Satisfying Ways To Truly Pamper Yourself)

16. Raise Your Head While Sleeping

Laying straight without any pillows or support puts stress on your throat and neck and worsens the situation. Therefore, Dr. Griffiths mentioned propping yourself up, and you will feel much better. (See The 3 Most Common Sleep Positions And Their Health Effects)

17. Add Turmeric to Diet

Including turmeric will give additional benefits, like fighting infections and many serious diseases other than a sore throat reliever. Mix turmeric (half teaspoon), and salt (half teaspoon), into a cup of hot (not boiling) water and gargle with it. Also, drink turmeric milk (warm) before going to bed for extra relief. (See What Everybody Ought to Know About Medicinal Uses of General Spices)

18. Drink Licorice Solution

Out of the 25 home made remedies for sore throat, you can soak the roots in water and then boil the water, or you can boil the roots with water. Gargle with licorice solution and also consume licorice powder as it helps produce healthy mucus, which in turn will reduce throat pain. (See Why you should drink more Water?)

19. Consume Ginger

You can drink ginger tea or eat fresh ginger slices with salt and black pepper to soothe your throat. The anti-inflammatory properties will give relief from pain, boost immunity, and fight off infections. (Also read How to treat a Bad Cough?)

20. Use Echinacea Mouthwash

You can use Echinacea leaves to make a mouthwash, gargle mix, or tea, and it will help in soothing your throat because of its antibacterial properties. It is even used in various medicines because of its medicinal properties. And this makes it one of the most useful home made remedies for sore throat. (See How to Get Rid of Bad Breath? 25 Home Remedies to Keep it Away)

21. Utilize Thermal Compress

Warmth helps in easing the pain more effectively. Therefore, use a thermal bottle and place it near the throat. Make sure the compress is warm and not hot. You can also warm up a towel with iron and wrap it around your neck. (See How to Breathe through Both Nostrils?)

22. Chew Cloves

You may put 1-2 cloves in your mouth and suck it. The liquid reaching your throat will give you instant relief from pain to a large extent. Another way is to chew 1 clove with some rock salt. It will ease the inflammation around your pharynx. It is one of the trusted home made remedies for sore throat. (See What Everybody Ought To Know About Seasoning Uses Of These 53 Different Spices)

23. Drink Slippery Elm

It has antibacterial properties and is known as a traditional remedy for sore throat. The inner bark is chewed to relieve the sore throat. You can also mix the powdered bark with boiling water and sip it like tea. (See 90 Mind Blowing Human Body Facts)

24. Sip Pomegranate Juice

According to the studies, it is proven that drinking pomegranate juice may ward off infections and reduce inflammation. You can sprinkle rock salt and black pepper on it. (Also read What are the examples of red fruits?)

25. Try Infused Sage

It is known as a useful medicinal herb. Therefore, it can be helpful in reducing throat pain. You can infuse dried sage (one teaspoon) into hot water and sip the solution. (See 27 Health Benefits of Red Wine)

Now you know all of these 25 best home made remedies for sore throat. Inform your friends and family about these remedies for sore throat. Do share with us sore throat remedies that worked for you. (Also read 40 Best Types of Knives To Consider Having In Your Kitchen)

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