What is the Most Southern State in America?

Where does the South begin in the US? What States are considered the True South? Is Florida considered a Southern State? What State is Most North?

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There have been several surveys, debates, and arguments in the past to find out what is the most southern state in America. Is Florida considered a southern state? People also googled about the top Southern states and questions like what states are considered the true South. So, in this article we will discuss these queries in detail. 

1. Where does the South begin in the US?

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As per the data provided by the US Census Bureau, America is divided into four main regions. The South starts in Maryland and Delaware. The region branches out to Kentucky and West Virginia, extending south to Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma in the west. (See 30 Largest Coastal Cities in the World)

2. What is the Most Southern State in America?

Mississippi is known as the most southern state in America. Other southern states are Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Arkansas.

3. What is the Most Southern City in the US?

This is very different from what is the most southern state in America. Key West, a city in Florida, is the most southern city in the US. This city is at the southernmost point in the US and is most popular for its lively nightlife, water sports, historic sites, beaches, and conch-style architecture.

In 1521, Ponce de Leon, who was a Spanish explorer, was on an expedition to Florida to find the fountain of youth but found Key West Island instead. The island had many bleached limestone rocks, and Ponce de Leon named the island Cayo Hueso. The name means Bone Island in the Spanish language.

Another popular story regarding Cayo Hueso, or the Keys, is that the island had a large settlement of aboriginals, called the Calusa Indians. When the Spanish began to settle here, they found the island filled with the bones of the aboriginals, and so they named the place Cayo Hueso. Must read about the 10 places with best weather in the World.

4. What States are considered the True South?

According to the US Federal Government, Arkansas, Alabama, District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Louisiana, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and West Virginia are the true South States. This is your answer to what states are considered the true South and among them, Mississippi is the answer to what is the most southern state in America. (See What is the Difference between Tropical and Polar Regions?)

5. What State is the Deep South?

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The Deep South is the sub-region of America’s southern part. This place is the geographical and cultural sub-region of the United States. Before the American Civil War, African people were brought here as slaves and forced to work on cotton plantations. And after the Civil War, the deep southern region faced economic hardships and racial attacks. This region of America was totally dependent on plantation agriculture for a very long time. African Americans faced discrimination until the civil rights movement began.

You are aware of what is the most southern state in America, now note that the Deep South region was also locally known as the lower South or the Cotton States. The Deep South belt stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the west of the Mississippi River and primarily consists of the five states: Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Florida and Texas are also considered part of the Deep South as they share borders with the other five states. (See Should you go to North Carolina or South Carolina?)

6. Is Florida considered the Deep South?

Yes, Florida is considered part of the Deep South. Its city, Key West, is at the southernmost tip of North America. Key West is located in the straits of Florida within the US. It has three separate islands that constitute the City of Key West. The islands include Dredgers Key, Fleming Key, and Sunset Key. (See How many States are Along the East and West Coasts?)

7. Is Florida considered a Southern State?

After learning what is the most southern state in America viz Mississippi, let me tell you about Florida. Actually, it is still debatable whether to consider Florida as a southern state or not. It is called a southern state in some places and not in others. And technically, Florida is the southern state of the US. Florida resides on a large peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. It is low-lying land that is surrounded by water. The highest point in Florida is Britton Hill, which is 345 feet high.

On June 6, 2022, a dangerous situation occurred when parts of Florida, including Miami, were hit by a flood due to a storm. This led to a catastrophic situation in the region. (See What body of Water connects Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean?)

8. Why is Florida not considered the South?

Florida people find it really disrespectful if their state is not given the southern state’s status. Even though geographically, Florida is a southern state, culturally, there have been several arguments between northern and southern Floridians. North Floridians believe that Florida is a southern state, but South Floridians think otherwise. Some believe that there is nothing southern about Florida. This makes people wonder why is Florida considered a southern state. (See Where is it Summer Right Now?)

9. What are the Top Southern states?

The top southern states in the US, according to their standard of living, are the following:

  • North Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Georgia
  • Texas
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Alabama.

As per the geographical division or the US map, the top or upper half of the southern states of the US includes:

  • Upper or northern region of Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • Arkansas
  • Tennessee
  • North Carolina
  • Upper or northern region of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.

10. What State has the Most Southern Hospitality?

According to several surveys in the US, the following states have been declared the most hospitable states:

  • Georgia,
  • Louisiana
  • Texas
  • South Carolina
  • Alabama
  • Tennessee
  • North Carolina
  • Mississippi
  • Florida
  • Virginia
  • Kentucky
  • Arkansas
  • Oklahoma
  • West Virginia

11. Is Texas South or Midwest?

As per the list of states submitted by the Census Bureau, Texas is the southernmost state in the US. (See What is the time zone of Texas?)

12. Why do they say Dirty South?

Dirty South is a hip-hop rap that originated from the southern states of America. It is also called South Coast hip-hop. This word is a broad term that defines the culture of the southern region. It also speaks of the suppression that the African American slaves faced centuries ago. Hip-hop raps about the traditions and artistic expressions that African people have given to the south.

It is a term that defines the identity that comes from the southern region, its landscape, and agriculture, which have a mix of races, ethnicities, rituals, practices, and the belief system that is born from the union of European, African, Caribbean, and Indigenous American culture’s influences. The raps have a melodic style too, and their lyrical expressions are deeply rooted in gospel, soul, and funk. (See How Big is India Compared to the United States?)

13. What State is Most North?

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Besides answering what is the most southern state in America, you must know that Alaska is the northernmost point of America. To know more about it, you can also read what is the northern most state in the US?

14. What States are considered Yankees?

Yankees or Yanks are colloquial terms for native Americans. People from Great Britain, South America, and Australia use this word for them. This term is also used for people who are residents of New England, which comprises states like Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Football fans in America are also termed Yankees sometimes. However, some people like this term and some don’t. (See Rhode Island smallest state in the U.S.)

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