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What is Nuru Massage?

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A Nuru is a Japanese word that means slippery and smooth. This word has come up from Kawasaki Japan. It is basically an erotic kind of massage that has been originated in Japan. We will learn everything about Nuru Massage in this article and also what is Nuru massage. Keep reading the article and you will find some more facts about this massage.

1. What is Nuru Massage?

To put forth in a very simple manner a Nuru Massage is a massage that originated in Japan. Here the masseuse uses a gel that makes the person feels relaxed and aroused. So, what is Nuru massage gel made of? The gel is usually not scented and they are made from a seed called Nori. The masseuse uses his body entirely to give massage to the person which is not the case in traditional massage. (See What does Head to Toe Beauty Mean?)

2. Has Nuru Massage Gained Popularity?

Yes, this massage has gained so much popularity that over 30% of the men visit Nuru Massage parlour. Also having said that it does not imply that the massage is for men only. This massage can be done irrespective of gender. Also, this massage service is now offered anywhere in the world not just in Japan.

3. What are the Benefits of Nuru Massage?

Now that you are aware of what is Nuru Massage, let’s know about its benefits too. This massage has a lot of conventional benefits. As we know that this is mostly an erotic massage with a lot of physical encounters. However, it has huge benefits of its own. Due to the way, the entire bodies come into contact, this type of massage has the additional benefit of being extremely arousing in nature. Being covered in the gel can help people experience new feelings while also enhancing their sense of skin confidence. People have consistently used this technique to liven up their personal lives, with overwhelmingly favourable results. Must read What is Difference between Public Health and Population Health?

4. Is Nuru Massage Significant?

Now that we know everything about Nuru massage let’s see whether Nuru message is significant or not. As per a London-based Nuru agency report 83% of people who tried Nuru Message found it very significant. Simply because Nuru massage is very important for hydrating the skin as well as calming the mind. Nuru massage can also help with the release of toxins from the body, depending on the body issues and techniques the masseuse uses as well as their experience.

5. Does People Think of Nuru as Sex?

There are so many myths about Nuru Massage as sex. Despite the fact that this massage has a lot of benefits, however, most reputed parlours typically just use hand massage to do this. Sex is not a part of the package, although it would be an erotic experience for the clients. Check out What is the difference between a Manicure and a Pedicure?

6. Does Nuru Helps in Relieving Stress?

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Yes, it helps in relieving stress. It gives a sensation of joy as well as reduces work stress and family issues etc. You will feel truly relaxed from head to toe as a result of the body approaches used by the masseurs and skin-to-skin contact.

7. What Kind of Massage Oil is Used?

The nori seaweed used to make the gel can have a very favourable effect on your skin, as it can be nourishing and moisturizing. Additionally, since the gel leaves no stains and has no taste or odour, it is very convenient to use. (See 17 Ways to make your Hair Grow Faster)

8. How Would You Differentiate between Tantric Massage and Nuru Massage?

Tantric Massage Nuru Massage
The tantric massage originated in India. It helps to make the body and mind relax with the touch. Nuru Massage began in Japan. This message includes physical touch which arouses feelings for your partner.
Tantric Massage Massage focuses on relaxing the mind and gives spiritual enlightenment. Nuru Massage helps in better concentration.

9. Are Nuru Massages Legal?

Since the beginning of Nuru Massages, we have read about this as having physical contact while giving massage. In most of the country, these massages are illegal. This is because there is a lot of physical contact with the subject’s exposed body. Recently, it was reported that a Nuru massage facility had been converted into a brothel, which is why they are illegal.

10. Is Showers recommended for Nuru Massage?

Yes, they are very important and recommended. It is also asked to take a warm water shower. However, it is recommended to wait for 8 to 12 hours to shower after the massage. (Also read Pubic Hair Wig Fashion)

So by reading the article till the end we now know what is Nuru massage. Nuru Massage is done with seaweed oil which is rich in vitamins and minerals. Masseuse uses this oil and massages with them. A bed, a massage table, or even an air mattress can be used for Nuru treatments. Nuru treatment is beneficial for a healthy and stress-free life. 


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