What is Anti Valentine Week?

When is Anti-valentine’s Day? Is there an Anti-valentine Week? How is it Celebrated?

It’s that time of the year when everything looks straight out of a rom-com movie, celebrating love and happiness. Though Valentine’s day represents a day for expressing love, for some it may be a painful reminder of the absence of a person with whom they can share their love. For this exact reason, the anti-valentine week came into being! This article discusses all about this feisty week, including when it is celebrated and the days that follow.

1. What is Anti Valentine Week?

There is an entire week celebrated by mocking valentine week called anti valentine week in February. To answer when is anti-valentine’s day, it comes right after Valentine’s Day and is celebrated between the 15th and 21st of February. The anti valentine week is celebrated as a parody or mockery to the celebration of valentine week especially by those who recently had their heart broken or think that Valentine’s Day is overrated and too commercial. The following segment will discuss the anti-valentine day week list. (See Valentine Week List)

2. Anti Valentine Week List

After a week filled with love, promises, and hugs, no one can say that the same will last with similar intensity in the upcoming weeks. The week after Valentine’s day may not be so good for some people. So here comes the anti valentine week. Anti-Valentine bears its meaning like clear water, i.e., it is the complete opposite of valentine’s week! In this section, we will briefly discuss the anti valentine week list.

I. February 15th – Slap Day

Although it seems like a pretty good excuse for slapping your partner who cheated or hurt you in some way, this day is celebrated on a positive note that one should push away all the negative aspects of a relationship and move on. And for the singles out there, you can celebrate this day by slapping your friends for all the false promises, last-minute plan cancellations, etc. Of course, I’m kidding, No violence, please! (See Who Invented the High Five?)

II. February 16th – Kick Day

If you thought slapping someone is ridiculous, then here comes the Kick day. Celebrated on 16th February, this day is not for actually kicking someone but to represent how some relationships involve violent arguments and nasty fights. This day is to kick away your ego and negativity in a relationship and move forward without a heavy heart. (See Why do people fight?)

III. February 17th – Perfume Day

Like every war comes to an end, every fight and argument comes to an end. To make it up for the last two days of disagreements, February 17th is celebrated by giving perfumes and declaring a truce. It doesn’t have to be the same for everyone. For those who are single and ready to mingle, it is time to freshen up, put on a little makeup and paint the town red.  (See 15 Best Bath & Body Works Fragrances)

IV. February 18th – Flirt Day

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, it doesn’t hurt to flirt a little with your partner. If you have not been in a relationship for a while, this is your chance. Use this day as a chance to flirt with your crush and let the person know that you are interested. (See What does “Will you be my Valentine?” really mean?)

V. February 19th – Confession Day

Yes, it is time to confess. On this confession day, understand what you want and confess your true feelings for someone who you had an eye on for a long time, no matter how it is going to end. Because good ones never wait. Confessions don’t always have to involve two people. You can also admit your shortcomings to yourself and start working on them. (See How to Practice Self-Love?)

VI. February 20th – Missing Day

Though the anti valentine week started as light-hearted fun, it got real as the day went on. To think and empathize with those who have lost their loved ones in some way or couldn’t be with them, this day serves as a way to say that they are not alone in this world and that there’s still hope. For those who had a bad break-up and missed the days of joy, don’t give up hope. There’s someone for everyone out there! (See Meaning of Different Colour Roses)

VII. February 21st – Break-up Day

After all those fights and patch-ups, if you still can’t connect with everyone, then there comes the ultimate end – breakups. Despite how hard it is to go through a break-up, somehow it is always best to leave a toxic relationship to have a healthy one. If you are kind of stuck in a toxic relationship for a long time, then there is no better time and day to come out of it by using February 21st as an excuse. (See How to get over breakups?)

Not everyone loves to celebrate Valentine’s day. You must clearly understand that those who boycott Valentine’s day are not against love. They just think that the idea of celebrating love for just a day and then going back to the normal involving fights is hypocritic. Love should be expressed every day not in grand gestures but through small acts that actually matter. So, if you are someone who believes that celebrating Valentine’s day is absurd, then you would certainly enjoy the anti valentine week!

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