Valentine Week List

Does the Celebration of Valentine’s Day Start a Week Early? How are These Days Celebrated? What to Gift a Loved One during Valentine’s week?

With the month of love around the corner, you must be excited and thrilled to celebrate the 7 days of Valentine’s week with your loved ones. This day is special for everyone, but knowing why it is celebrated and how it came into our life would make it even more meaningful. This article will unveil the Valentine week list along with offering some great gift ideas for your partners, lovers, or loved ones.

1. What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s day is celebrated on the 14th of February by people all around the world to express their love and affection for others. 

  • Some say that Valentine’s Day owes its origin to Lupercalia, a roman-festival celebrated in mid-February. This festival was banned by Pope Gelasius I, who thought the idea of pairing men with women by lottery on that day was preposterous.
  • But most associate the birth of Valentine’s Day with St. Valentine. Although there were several martyrs named Valentine, the one who became the reason for present-day Valentine’s day is St.Valentine who lived during the period of Claudius II Gothicus.
  • St.Valentine secretly, married couples, defying the emperor’s order to spare men from going to war. Knowing this, the emperor beheaded the martyr. Thus, to honor him, this day was named after him. Till the 14th century, 14th February was not celebrated as the day of romance, but just a day to honor the Saint which later got converted to a day of love.

Read below to learn more about the Valentine week list! (See What does “Will you be my Valentine?” really mean?)

2. Valentine Week List

Even before 14th February, we can feel the presence of love in the air. How? Because the entire week before Valentine’s Day, people celebrate valentine’s week with their partners. Here are the 7 days on the Valentine week list.

I. February 7th – Rose Day

What’s best to gift your lover than a symbol of love? No, not the Taj Mahal! Flowers! Especially roses. Do you know each color of rose symbolizes and conveys a particular feeling? For example, red roses are for passion and fire, pink is for something sweet and new relationships, yellow is for someone who has been with you through thick and thin, etc. Choose the perfect rose colour to confess your love to your partner on this special day. (See Meaning of Different Colour Roses)

II. February 8th – Propose Day

This is a perfect day for someone who has been planning to ask for someone’s hand in marriage. No one can forget the day of the proposal if it’s made on this special day. If you are planning to surprise your partner with a popping question, go ahead and do it already on this special day.

III. February 9th – Chocolate Day

Not only love but this day is also celebrated to share their food with their loved ones. Who doesn’t love chocolates? So, use this special day to spoil your lover/partner by giving them chocolates for loving you and staying with you through thick and thin. (See Fascinating History of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups)

IV. February 10th – Teddy Day

With all the happiness, love, and cuteness being celebrated, it would be a sin to leave teddy bears out. Teddy bears are cute and can be considered a symbol of vulnerability. It is heart-warming to indicate that you are vulnerable, transparent, genuine and also a great companion by gifting a teddy. (See What do Cherry Blossoms Symbolize?)

V. February 11th – Promise Day

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but love always wins. The next day on Valentine week list is Promise Day. Keep your love young and refreshing by making heart-touching promises on this day. If you have made a promise already, then keep that promise on this special day. This day is celebrated for keeping and respecting promises, no matter how small they are, like a promise to spend time with your loved ones. (See How to practice self-love?)

VI. February 12th – Hug Day

Whenever we feel low, our loved ones are there to help and support us like a warm hug that makes us feel better after a long day. Show your gratitude by giving a tight and long hug with love and warmth on this festive day. (See Why Do Rainbows Form?)

VII. February 13th – Kiss Day

Love and intimacy come together only when we connect. This day celebrates love by showing it through the form of beautiful and intimate action – a kiss. (See What is a Passionate Kiss?)

VIII. February 14th – Valentine’s Day

After showering your partner or lover with small gifts, this day is the day you surprise them with those grand and heart-touching gestures that make their heart swell with love and drown in your affection.

3. Valentine Week Gift Ideas

Without a doubt, everyone would start thinking about getting presents for their loved ones following this valentine week list. If you are looking for cool and lovely gifts to give your partners and loved ones, these are some gift ideas which usually most would love:

For men:

  • Sleek and stylish wristwatches.
  • Mixtape or a playlist with songs that remind you of him.
  • His favorite cologne.
  • Comfy beanie with a funny greeting card.
  • Fashion accessories which he uses.

For women:

  • Mixtape with songs that remind you of her.
  • Personalized mugs or gifts.
  • Jewelry or accessories that she loves to wear.
  • What I love about you Jar or Journal.

Though grand gestures are great, giving thoughtful gifts even as small as making their favorite dish matters a lot. So, gift your lovers or partners with something on valentine’s week 2022 that they might have mentioned and announce your love to them like how Ross did to Rachel. So, what do you think Mr. or MS? (See Why Paris is the city of Love?)

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