How to Practice Self-Love?

Alex Williams
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  1. Forgive yourself

  2. Cut off negative people

    Always evaluate your relationships and eliminate the presence of those who bring you down. Protect yourself and fill your life with those who make you feel loved and accepted. Let go of bad relationships, fake friendships, and nagging coworkers.

  3. Connect positively with yourself

    Form some daily habits of soft physical exercises that enable you to practice self-acceptance and self love. You can spend some minutes talking kindly to yourself in front of the mirror. Self-hugging can significantly provide comfort and a feeling of safety and self-compassion.

  4. Find time for yourself

    Stop prioritizing others’ needs over yours. Practice self-care activities that bring balance into your life. Those who love themselves always fill their needs and spend time on healthy habits and activities. Nourish yourself through traveling, exercising, solo walks or interacting with real friends.

  5. Avoid harsh self-talk

    Self criticism and a harsh inner voice always lead to self-hate and depression. Focus on your positive side and praise yourself for accomplishments. Whenever you start nasty self-blaming, shift to complimenting yourself for any good reason that is not necessarily related to the criticism.

  6. Meditate and practice yoga

    Yoga allows people to connect to their bodies and souls as well. Yoga helps to form a positive body image that surely boosts one’s self-confidence and acceptance. The more you meditate, the more you heal and develop good feelings about yourself and life.

  7. Build and preserve boundaries

    Setting boundaries is essential in order to lead a healthy life. Boundaries are signs of self-respect. You will love yourself more when you set limits and stop doing what doesn’t appeal to you. Ignoring your own needs leads to emotional and physical draining.

  8. Become aware of yourself

    Self-awareness is one of the important steps that surely lead to self love. You cannot love yourself unless you are in contact with your hopes, sorrows, and emotions. Observing your own emotions will allow you to enhance the quality of your life and the level of your self-love.

  9. Never apologize for what you believe in

    People who love themselves stand up for their passions and beliefs, and never feel guilty about what they feel. People are different. The moment you understand this, there will be no need to blur your identity or ignore your desires.

  10. Support those who need love

    Living in a positive loving community will increase positive attitudes and one’s level of happiness. Helping other people and contributing your time or skills to anyone who needs them will make you feel better about yourself.

  11. Enhance the quality of your life

    Be the best version of yourself. Take action to live a beautiful life and never waste offered opportunities for a better tomorrow.

  12. Appreciate your alone-time

    Enjoy your own company and find time in your day to get in touch with your soul. Long walks, listening to music and going out alone increase your independence level and establish a strong connection with yourself.

  13. Celebrate your success

    Be proud of your achievements and keep motivating yourself to achieve more. Taking time to celebrate your big/small successes will build your confidence and encourage your future goals. (See Video Summary: The skill of self confidence by Dr. Ivan Joseph)

  14. Maintain high values

    Do what honors and respects you. Your image is your wealth. Avoid situations and toxic people that bring you down and make you appear small in your or others’ eyes.

  15. Master the art of patience

    Never rush immediate changes; everything takes time. Trust yourself and relax while watching gradual changes and updates shape your life. The universe assists and rewards those who have faith.

  16. Fight the moments of anxiety

    Enjoy the present moments. Stop losing yourself trying to control the future or dwelling on your past mistakes. Try peace of mind by focusing on what is happening in the moment. (See The Body Language of Anxiety)

  17. Find times to have fun

    Never skip a vacation or a weekend. Self-love requires time to relax, play, and have fun. Social interactions, friends outings’ and traveling from time to time make you more happy and away from depression.

  18. Trust your gut feeling

    Listen to your inner voice; it usually guides you to a better state. Ignore the ego’s loud voice, and follow the quieter one which is your higher, wiser voice.

  19. Accept yourself so others do

    Accepting yourself and appreciating who you truly are frees your from the urge to please others to seek self-assurance. Train your mind to be grateful and appreciate your talents, beauty, and even imperfections/flaws.

  20. Face your problems and work on them the right way

    Stop over-eating or shopaholic tendencies to cover an emotional pain or escape a problem. Face your fears and seek help if it’s hard to support yourself. Stay mindful and acknowledge your feelings.

  21. Seek professional help

    Sometimes we need outer support in order to keep moving. If you cannot let go of self-rejection, join a support group or find a counselor or coach in order to keep going and reach your destination.

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