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How Much is a Small Bottle of Malibu?

A coconut liqueur created with Caribbean rum is called Malibu Rum. Its fruity, sweet flavour is perfect for blending with tropical beverages. However, the amount of liquor is very low which is 12% ABV. We will read more about a small bottle of Malibu further and will cover how much alcohol is in a small bottle of Malibu. Keep reading with us.

1. What is Malibu Rum?

Malibu is a Caribbean rum-based liqueur with a coconut flavour. Since it is prepared with additional sugar and has a low alcohol content of 21% ABV, it is not considered to be rum. Legally, rum must be 40% alcohol by volume and contain no added sugar. Read 27 Health Benefits of Red Wine.

2. How Much is a Small Bottle of Malibu in Size?

The Malibu Original Caribbean Rum with Coconut Liqueur comes in a small size of about 750 ml and is priced at about $16.99.

3. Does a Small Bottle of Malibu Comes in Different Flavours?

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Yes, Malibu comes in different flavours and sizes. Here are different sizes and price ranges for Malibu. 

Type Size Price
Malibu Original Caribbean Rum with Coconut Liqueur 750 ml $16.99
Malibu Caribbean Flavoured Rum 750 ml $16.99
Malibu Black Rum 750 ml $ 16.99
Malibu Cocktails 4 packs of 12 oz cans $11.99
Malibu Splash Malt Beverages The pack has 8-12 Oz Cans $16.99
Malibu Ready-to-Serve Cocktails 1.75 ml $17.99

4. How much Alcohol is in a Small Bottle of Malibu?

Every bottle of Malibu has only 21% of alcohol. However, they are completely prepared with added sugar and preservatives.

5. What Sizes does Malibu come in the Market?

Malibu rum comes in sizes of 750 ml and 1.75 ml. The price ranges are different as the size increases for Malibu. Read What Time does 711 Start Selling Beer in the United States?

6. What are the Prices for Malibu?

As we have already discussed what sizes does Malibu come in, therefore their price varies with sizes. A small bottle of Malibu comes with a price of $16.99 and a large bottle of 1.75 ml would be $25.99.

7. How to Drink Malibu?

The ideal use for these is using as a mixer for your preferred cocktail recipes. Malibu Coconut, Malibu Pineapple, Malibu Mango, Malibu Lime, Malibu Passion Fruit, and Malibu Banana Rum are some of the line’s most well-liked variations. See Is Corona Beer Gluten Free?

8. What are the Popular Malibu Cocktails?

Most popular sweet and sour drinks are certainly inspired by the distinctive white Malibu Rum bottle. It’s one of the spirits with the greatest degree of adaptability on the global market. The popular Malibu Cocktails are:

  • Malibu Bay Breeze
  • Malibu Sunset
  • Bahama Mama
  • Malibu and Pineapple
  • Malibu Mohito
  • Malibu and Coke
  • Malibu and Ginger Ale
  • Rum and Lemonade
  • Malibu Tonic
  • Malibu and Cranberry Juice

9. Are Malibu Expensive?

No, they are not. Malibu rum is a pocket-friendly rum existing in the market. However, despite being not pricey it is mostly used to mix in cocktails because of its sweet fruit flavour.

10. What is the Calorie Count of Malibu?

We know that Malibu has only 21% of alcohol. The rest is added sugar and preservatives. Therefore, the calorie count of Malibu is 140 calories for every 2.5 ounces. The Malibu coconut rum also has 13.4 grams of carbohydrates for every 2.5 ounces. (See Is Budweiser Gluten Free?)

11. What are the Best Malibu Rum Flavours?

The best Malibu Rum flavours are:

  • Malibu Original
  • Malibu Watermelon
  • Malibu Lime
  • Malibu Strawberry
  • Malibu Pineapple
  • Malibu Mango
  • Malibu Passion Fruit
  • Malibu Tropical banana
  • Malibu Black

12. What are the Famous Alcoholic Drinks for Beginners?

Some of the famous Alcoholic drinks for beginners are:

  • Screwdriver
  • Daiquiri
  • Radler Beer
  • Mojito
  • Bellini

13. How does Malibu Black Taste like?

Malibu Black is a lovely rum that has the ideal amount of coconut taste and is only slightly sweetened. In contrast to the rich rum overtones of vanilla and caramel, it has a pleasant flavour of dry, black coconut. The aftertaste is unexpectedly dry and has a lingering coconut flavour that tempts you to take another drink, in contrast to many flavoured rum liqueurs that cover the mouth with syrup. (Also read Rum Ingredients)

14. Is Malibu and Bacardi the Same?

No, they are different. Malibu and Bacardi can be differentiated with the help of the alcohol content in them. Malibu has 21% of alcohol and Bacardi has 35% of alcohol content in them.

A small bottle of Malibu is 750 ml and they are available in stores and online. The price for Malibu starts from $16.99 and you know how much alcohol is in a small bottle of Malibu which is 21%. Therefore, a lot of people prefer having Malibu since they are less alcoholic. If you are willing to have Malibu mixed with different juices to make cocktails always try doing this. 


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