Why some people find it hard to read a book?

Why are reading books difficult for some people? Why it's so hard to read a book right now?

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  1. 1 Distractions are more rewardings

    Modern distractions , such as social media notifications, provide the brain with more interesting rewards in the form of Dopamine release. This makes reading comparatively seem boring and less interesting.

  2. 2 Short attention Span

    The short attention spam many people developed can prevent them from focusing on a book or even a page for long period of time (See Why some people have short attention span)

  3. 3 No sense of progress

    When a person reads through a long chapter he might get no sense of progress as all pages might look the same. If the chapter isn't devised properly into sub sections then a person might fail to continue reading.

  4. 4 People want think fast

    Technology has changed the minds of people to make them want things fast. Because books usually take some time before they make their point clear many people lose their patience while reading (See why we want everything fast).

  5. 5 Reading fast requires the development of certain brain connections

    When a person reads a lot certain brain connections are developed to help them read fast. People who don't read a lot might find it much harder to read because of the lack of those connections.

  6. 6 They have Dyslexia

    People who have dyslexia have problems reading or focusing on text. Those people can find reading very hard.

  7. 7 They are too impatient

    Impatient people can find reading harder as they just want the facts directly without having to read through different chapters to find what they are looking for.

  8. 8 The internet taught people to scan

    The internet has taught people to scan articles instead of reading them. This taught people to look for the information they want fast while skipping a lot of text. Books are full of text and so became an unpleasant method of information collection.

  9. 9 Some people associate it with school

    Some people get bad feelings when they read books because they remind them of school years where they were forced to read things they didn't like.

  10. 10 Technology is very distracting

    Technology has made the environment very distracting that it became hard for a person to focus for a long period of time on a book without being distracted (See how our short attention span changed us).

  11. 11 They choose the wrong books

    People who have a good background about a topic will usually be able to read a book about that topic much faster. When people choose books they aren't interested in the reading experience becomes unpleasant (see how to choose the right book).

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