Why some people prefer Books over Movies?

Alex Williams
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  1. It allows people to use their imagination more

  2. Some people can get more emotional with books

    Some people can get more emotionally affected by books as they describe things in detail. Those people might fail to get the same emotional arousal from the movie.

  3. It makes the characters more relatable

    As a person spends hours reading a book he becomes more connected to the characters and can easily identify with them. Because movies are short it might be harder for some people to relate with the characters.

  4. Books are more detailed

    Some people prefer to read a book than watch a movie because they are interested in the small details a book can offer.

  5. Movies are too stimulating for them

    Some people find movies so stimulating and prefer a calmer way such as reading to know the same events.

  6. Plots usually get changed in movies

    When a movie about a book is released the plot can be changed and many scenes get removed. Some people believe this makes the movie less rich than the original book.

  7. The prefer to interpret events in their own way

    Because movies usually show things from a certain angle some people prefer books over them as they prefer to interpret the events in their own way. (See How to read a book really fast?)

  8. Getting more understanding of the characters

    Books usually describe the thoughts of the characters in details. Some people prefer books over movies because they allow them to understand the characters more deeply.

  9. Production budget can fail to show what’s in the book

    Because books rely on the writer’s imagination while movies depend on a budget movies can sometimes fall short and fail to express what’s in the book properly.

  10. They want a longer story

    If a person likes a story so much he might want it to take a longer time. Those people might prefer books over movies.

  11. They generally like reading

    Some people find reading to be an unpleasant activity. The people who prefer books over movies are usually among the ones who already like to read. (See How to Read 52 Books a Year?)

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