How to Read 52 Books a Year?

How to read 52 books a year (it's easier than you think) | With These Simple Tricks, You Can Read 52 Books a Year

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  1. 1 Keep a book beside your bed

    Keep your computer, tablet and phone away from your bed. Keep a book beside your bed instead, and you will find yourself automatically checking it before you sleep instead of checking your phone. Not only will you read more but you will also sleep faster.

  2. 2 Use a social reward system

    Each time you finish a book post its picture on Facebook or Instagram. The likes and comments you will get will motivate you to read more.

  3. 3 Read a book that solves an important problem

    Let's suppose you have just been through a breakup. Instead of reading a business book, grab a book about breakups and read it. Not only you will find it be interesting but you will also help yourself.

  4. 4 Join a book club

    By joining a book club you won't just become motivated to read more but you will also meet new people who share the same interests.

  5. 5 The best way to learn speed reading

    The best way to learn speed reading is by reading a lot. The more books you read, the more you will learn how to scan pages fast, and the more you will learn to skip unimportant parts (See also how to read a book really fast).

  6. 6 Read about topics you are passionate about

    Are you passionate about sports? Then a self help book might seem boring to you. Instead grab a book about your favorite sport and start reading (See How to find your passion).

  7. 7 Always keep few unread books

    A new habit can easily be broken if it's not strong enough. You don't want to stop reading for a few days because that might demotivate you. This is why you always need to have some unread books at home until the new books you ordered arrive.

  8. 8 Read every day

    Even if you had no time on a certain day, read a few pages before you go to sleep in order to keep the habit alive (See how to develop a habit).

  9. 9 Pile up finished books

    Pile up finished books neatly somewhere in your home. Each time you see them your mind will be motivated to read more. The more books you finish the more you will want to read more.

  10. 10 Read about topics that are interesting to you

    If you hate physics then don't buy a book about metaphysics; you won't be motivated to finish it. Start by reading books that you find very interesting and your chances of finishing them will be much higher.

  11. 11 Until they arrive

    Most people don't arrive on time. If you started reading until your friends arrive not only you will finish more books but you will never feel bored waiting for someone.

  12. 12 Always carry a book with you

    When you carry a book around all the time you will discover that you already have so much free time that you were never aware of. By keeping a book with you all the time you will be able to utilize that free time as soon as you encounter it.

  13. 13 Get used to the 30 and 20 minute sessions

    Contrary to common beliefs those who read a lot of books aren't the ones who free 3 or 2 hour reading sessions but they are the ones who free many short 20-30 minute reading sessions every now and then.

  14. 14 Read in public transportation

    How many hours you spend in public transportation? Instead of staring at other people, grab a book and finish a few pages.

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