How to Read 52 Books a Year?

How to read 52 books a year (it’s easier than you think) | With These Simple Tricks, You Can Read 52 Books a Year
  1. Always keep a book near or beside your bed

    It is recommended to keep books near/beside your bed rather than any of your computer, phone, or tablet. Doing this will break your habit of checking the phone before you sleep, and instead of checking your phone, you will read the book that will be kept beside your bed. This will not merely help you gain knowledge but also help you sleep faster and better.

  2. Join a book club

    Joining a book club is always a good idea as it will not only encourage you to read more but will also help you to build your circle with the people who are an avid reader.

  3. Use a social reward system

    Apart from using social media platforms for some unproductive activities, you can use them in such a way that will motivate to read more. For instance, posting a picture of a book, you have finished reading on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media.

  4. An impeccable way to increase your reading speed

    The more you read, the faster you will scan pages of the book. An ardent reader will always know the unnecessary parts of the book that can be skipped, which will help you read more books in less time are. However, it comes up only when you start reading a lot. (See How to read a book really fast?)

  5. 5Try reading a book that solves your problem

    If you have experienced some loss in your business, rather than reading a book about something else, reading the book on the ‘business failures and ways to overcome them’ can help you overcome the loss. You will find that book more interesting during that phase.

  6. Do not skip reading

    It is imperative to read every day to keep the habit of reading alive even if you read a few pages, still, it’s fine. (See How do I Find my Passion?)

  7. Always keep a few unread books

    It is indispensable to keep some unread books in your home until the new books you ordered arrive for reading. One of the biggest reasons for doing this is to ensure that your habit of reading never breaks and you always have some of the other books to read in your home. It will also make your reading habit sustainable.

  8. Read about topics that intrigue you

    One of the most significant mantras of maintaining the habit of reading is to read whatever you are passionate about. For instance, if technology intrigues you, start reading the books on technology.

  9. Pile up books you have read

    All the books you have finished reading, pile them up. Seeing the pile from small to big will inspire you to read more.

  10. Always carry a book with you

    Wherever you are going, be it on vacation, to your friend’s house, or anywhere, carrying a book will always help you find the time for reading. This way, you will be able to utilize your time efficiently.

  11. Get familiar with 30 and 20 minutes session

    Avid readers are not the ones who spare 2 or 3 hours a day. Instead, they make time for reading sessions and free 20-30 minutes duration in a day.

  12. Read in public transport

    You can utilize your time efficiently by reading books if you are spending some minutes or hours in a day in public transport, instead of staring at other people.

  13. Until anyone arrives

    It is very commonly seen that most people do not arrive on time, especially your friends. You can utilize those minutes instead of getting bored waiting for your friend, and read the books until they arrive. Trust me; if you read during that period, you will finish your book much early.

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