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How Important is Dan Cody in Great Gatsby?

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Books and novels are always interesting to read because they have their own world. The magic that they hold in them is something that cannot be put into words but only felt and experienced. Books give you a way to zone out of the present world into a fictional world that seems real. The stories in these books also act as a medium of entertainment. So, this article here is going to talk about Dan Cody in great Gatsby and the role he played in the story. You will also get to know about Dan Cody’s job. Do you know what was ironic about Dan Cody? No? Then read this article till the end!

1. What was Dan Cody’s Job?

Do you know what was Dan Cody’s job? Let’s answer this question here. Dan Cody in Great Gatsby was the mining mogul in his fifties who achieved great wealth and prestige. He was Gatsby’s friend and mentor in The Great Gatsby and serves as the background character. He gives Gatsby a taste of elite life and educates him. (See Who is Ella Kaye in The Great Gatsby?)

2. How did Dan Cody Make his Money?

Dan Cody in Great Gatsby made his money after many successful investments in mining throughout the late 1800s. His mining rushes were in the Far West and Alaska and particularly a silver rush in Nevada, a gold rush in Alaska, and a copper rush in Montana. The reason for becoming a multi-millionaire was his lucrative yield from the Montana copper claim. Read the next pointer to know what was ironic about Dan Cody. 

3. What’s Ironic about Dan Cody?

Dan Cody was successful in earning millions in business and he left money to Gatsby as well. But this money could never reach Gatsby because of Cody’s wife who was untrustworthy. The irony with Cody was that he could not see this betrayal coming from his wife and wasn’t careful enough. This was odd for a man who was shrewd enough to make millions in business. (See Why did Darry feel Hatred for Paul Holden?)

4. What does Dan Cody Represent to Gatsby?

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Dan Cody in Great Gatsby was the man that Gatsby wanted to become. For Gatsby, Cody was the epitome of success and wealth because Dan Cody’s job was related to mining and he had achieved everything that Gatsby could ever wish for. Cody was a self-made man whom Gatsby saw as having the potential for greatness. His lifestyle and wealth were the goals that Gatsby aimed for and manifested as his own ambition. For Gatsby, Cody was his role model and mentor. He admired Gatsby and aspired to become like Cody because Cody’s roots were the same as Gatsby’s. (See Why some people prefer movies over books?)

5. How Important is Dan Cody in Great Gatsby?

Dan Cody in Great Gatsby is an important character. He is the role model and mentor to Gatsby. Gatsby was introduced to a life of extravaganza and wealth by Cody who wanted to live a life like him. Gatsby saw him as a symbol of wealth and success. He aspired to become like Cody with hard work and dedication. Dan Cody’s job was mining and he earned millions because of it. Cody helped Gatsby become what he became eventually.

6. What Qualities did Cody Identify in Gatsby?

By now, can you guess what qualities did Cody identify in Gatsby? Let’s talk about it here. Cody found Gatsby to be quick, passionate, and extravagantly ambitious. Gatsby was determined to be successful and worked hard for it. Cody asked Gatsby a few questions before hiring him and understood that he was super ambitious and trustworthy. Gatsby was the closest to Cody and the former was responsible to take care of the latter when he was drunk. (See How many Fahrenheit 451 Chapters are there?)

7. In What Way was Dan Cody Involved in Gatsby’s Success?

Since you have already known what qualities did Cody identify in Gatsby, let’s look at how Cody shaped Gatsby’s success. Dan Cody in Great Gatsby was a wealthy and successful man and Gatsby had always imagined himself as a wealthy and successful man. He wanted a life full of prestige and was ready to pay for anything that comes with it. Dan Cody was the epitome of success and prestige to Gatsby. Cody lived an extravagant lifestyle with lots of prestige and glamour. Gatsby was introduced to the life of wealth and travel by Cody and Gatsby wanted to become like him. Cody was Gatsby’s role model and mentor. He taught him to pursue the American dream and earn a living.

One negative thing about Dan Cody was that he always indulged in alcoholism and drinking. This made Gatsby aware of the negative consequences of drinking and he decided to never drink in his life. Dan Cody was a self-made man with so much wealth and the fact that he belonged to a poor background just like Gatsby made the latter belief in Cody more. Gatsby became a successful millionaire. He owned a mansion and threw lavish parties every week. But how he became one still remains a mystery. 

8. How Long did Gatsby Spend with Dan Cody?

Gatsby was with Dan Cody for 5 years until Dan Cody was mysteriously murdered by his lady love. During this time, they went around the continent three times. (See What does Macbeth Tell the Murderers about Banquo?)

9. Why did Gatsby Change his Name?

Gatsby was born James Gatz. He changed his name to Jay Gatsby when he was 17 years old to tailor it to his new lifestyle. He was born in North Dakota to poor farmers. The reason why he changed his name was to make it sound more aristocratic. He wanted to alienate himself from his family and upbringing and establish his new identity altogether. He wanted to become a wealthy and prosperous man just like Dan Cody. He changed his name to make it more connected to his new lifestyle and nature. Changing his name was one of the many things that he left behind to attain the new and wealthy life that he had always dreamt of. 

10. How did Gatsby Get His Money?

It is known that Gatsby earned his money by bootlegging alcohol. It was an illegal business to do but he did it. Gatsby was ready to do anything to become wealthy. He also earned a lot of money by holding fake stocks. He was the owner of many side street drug stores in Chicago where he sold illegal alcohol. Check out Odysseus is called to Adventure When He was?

11. What are Good Questions to Ask about The Great Gatsby?

Here are some good questions to ask about The Great Gatsby: 

  • Gatsby believed that the past could be repeated again. Was he right?
  • In what ways is Gatsby great?
  • In what ways is the tension between Modernism and Victorianism presented in the Great Gatsby?
  • What qualities of Jay Gatsby made him successful?
  • Do you really think Jay Gatsby was successful? Why or why not?

So, now you know how important was Dan Cody in Great Gatsby. His presence and guidance were precious to Gatsby. Dan Cody was a self-made man and Gatsby considered him his role model. You know the fact that it is always good to have someone to look up to. They motivate us to do better and become the best version of ourselves. (Also read What is the Setting of Cinderella?)


Written by Alex Williams

Alex Williams is a PhD student in urban studies and planning. He is broadly interested in the historical geographies of capital, the geopolitical economy of urbanization, environmental and imperial history, critical urban theory, and spatial dialectics.

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