What is the Setting of Cinderella?

Where is the Setting of Cinderella? What Time period is Cinderella set in? Is Cinderella set in England? Where is the Palace in Cinderella 2021? What Castle is in Cinderella?

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Cinderella is a classic fairytale that left a lasting impression on the readers’ and viewers’ minds to date. The story revolves around a poor and pessimistic girl who is blessed by a godmother at the end and gets married to a prince. Do you know what is the setting of Cinderella 1950 and how is Cinderella 2021 different from it? You will find all the answers to these questions in the article below. Is Cinderella set in England or France and where is the palace in Cinderella 2021 will also be discussed in detail.

1. Where is the Setting of Cinderella?

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The author of Cinderella, Charles Perrault was French. The setting of Cinderella 1950 is France, while Cinderella 2015 is set in England. So, now is Cinderella set in England or France might be clear to you. But what is the setting of Cinderella 1950 will be seen further in the article. (See What is the Setting of the Gift of the Magi?)

2. What is the Setting of Cinderella?

Cinderella is a girl and the main character of the story. Charles Perrault wrote about her in 1697 and the original story takes place in France. Now, let’s see what is the setting of Cinderella 1950 with the help of some important locations mentioned in the story. There are three main places discussed in the story:

  • Cinderella’s house- the location of which is not mentioned.
  • Ella’s house- where most of the story took place.
  • Prince’s castle- which is also one of the most important places.

3. What is the Setting of Cinderella 1950?

It is unclear where the 1950 Cinderella setting was but fans speculate that it took place in rural France.

The plot of Cinderella 1950 is as follows: 

The film starts in a kingdom where a chateau is shown. Cinderella lived there with her widowed father. Cinderella has a stepmother who has daughters called Anastasia and Drizella. Soon her father dies, and her stepmother becomes cruel and jealous of her beauty and charms.

In the end, Cinderella became the servant of her own home and stayed in the tower on the family property. The birds and mice became friends with her and she tried to keep going. At the end of the story, Cinderella is married to a prince and taken by him in a carriage. (Also read Why is Harry Potter so popular?)

4. What Time period is Cinderella set in?

The first plot of Cinderella is set in 1870 – 1880 while the prologue where the meeting of Cinderella’s father is seen with Lady Tremaine is set in 1850 or the 1860s. So, it is between the 1850s and the 1880s. Must read Why some people prefer movies over books?

5. What is the Town called in Cinderella?

The town in Cinderella remained unnamed. It was in between Cinderella’s chateau and the king’s palace. (See What are Man vs Society Disney Movies Conflict Examples?)

6. What Country is Cinderella from?

The author Charles Perrault was French and Cinderella is from France. This is known when the French word chateau is used instead of the English word castle. This can also be known by the architecture and houses shown in the movie. (Also see, What are the Names of the Seven Dwarves in Snow White?)

7. Is Cinderella set in England?

Is Cinderella set in England is often difficult to answer but Cinderella’s scenes are set in multiple locations in England like-

  • Pinewood Studios in London, Buckinghamshire (the outer part of the castle). It is a film studio where you are not allowed to go.
  • Old Royal Navy College, London (Fencing Scene in the palace’s interior). The palace interior for Cinderella was set in the interior of ORNC.
  • Black Park Wexham, Buckinghamshire (Woods). This park is open to the public.
  • Cliveden House, Berkshire (Clock Tower). It looks like the clock tower in Cinderella because it was an inspiration for the makers of Cinderella but was not used as a location in Cinderella.
  • Blenheim Palace- Oxfordshire (The Palace). It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and was chosen by the makers of Cinderella for the palace.
  • Waltham St. Lawrence which is Berkshire’s small village was used for the exterior of Cinderella’s home.

8. What Castle is in Cinderella?

Waddesdon Manor is the castle in Cinderella. It is located in Buckinghamshire, England. This also clears the doubt about Cinderella set in England. Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild built it in the 1870s. The film shows its interior, exterior, grand portico balcony, and grounds. It is a public palace so you too can visit Cinderella’s palace. (See Why Animated Movies Are Popular?)

9. Where is Cinderella set 2015?

Cinderella 2015 is set in Buckinghamshire’s Pinewood Studios in England and at several other locations like:

  • Hampton Court Palace
  • Windsor Palace
  • Clevedon
  • Blenheim Palace
  • Black Park
  • Old Royal Naval College

10. Where is the Palace in Cinderella 2021?

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The palace in Cinderella 2021 is in Buckinghamshire near Aylesbury which is the Waddesdon Manor built by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild in the 1800s. Every part of the palace was used in the production and thus, the tourist place became a famous palace. So, by now, you might have known well about what is the setting of Cinderella. (Also read What are the Major Elements of Cinematic Design?)

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