Why is Harry Potter so popular?

Alex Williams
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  1. Appeals to all age groups

    The Harry Potter series appeals to all age groups. The fact that both children and adults of both genders find it interesting has made the series become very popular. It is another Cinderella story, an orphan suddenly earned fortune, fame, love and admiration.

  2. Many relatable characters

    Harry Potter series has a list of relatable and memorable characters. Many people easily found one character they can connect and relate too. This made the books more emotional.

  3. Familiar elements in a fantasy world

    Even though the events of Harry Potter take place in a fantasy world, the series still had very familiar elements such as the school. The fact that people like familiarity has fueled the book’s popularity. (See Why do we like familiarity?)

  4. The making of the movies

    The fact that the series was turned into movies has attracted a large number of new audiences, especially the ones who don’t read fiction books.

  5. Relatable major themes

    The series has very relatable major themes such as bullying, love and friendship. The fact that most people can relate to one of those themes made the series more popular.

  6. Simple style of writing

    J. K. Rowling has a very simple style of writing. Even though the plot is usually complex, the style of writing is still simple and inviting.

  7. The books are very detailed

    J. K. Rowling’s books are full of details. The fact that the stories were very detailed helped many people construct the imaginary world in their minds and so get more connected to them.

  8. The witchcraft controversy

    The fact that some people accused the series of promoting witchcraft has resulted in a controversy that made the books even more popular. (See Why controversy can make things popular?)

  9. Smart book launch events

    The series was marketed in a very smart way. At the launch of each new book, people wearing costumes of wizards and other characters were around. This made the launch event a unique event that many people looked up to.

  10. The creation of a theme park

    The creation of a theme park for Harry Potter has made the series become even more powerful, as the brand became stronger.

  11. Been around since 1997

    The first Harry potter was published in 1997. The fact that the series lasted for a very long period of time has made it very popular.

  12. People grew up with it

    Many people grew up with the Harry Potter series, and as a result, it became easier for a new age group to still like the Harry Potter series.

  13. Instant everything

    It is a fantasy world where everything was achieved without effort and without patience, but with magic. It is everybody’s dream world where you can get anything by rotating the wand. During its time of release, no other series were published or portrayed of its kind.

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