Why some people prefer movies over books?

Alex Williams
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  1. They don’t like to read

  2. They want to know it fast

    Some people, especially impatient ones, might want to know about a certain story fast. Because the movie usually takes 2-3 before it is completed, it is considered the faster way.

  3. They think they are the same

    Many people aren’t aware of the fact that some books can be very different from movies when it comes to details or even the story itself.

  4. They want to enjoy it with friends

    Some people might want to watch a certain story with friends. In such a case, the movie represents the best option for them.

  5. They have problems with imagination

    People who can hardly imagine events in their brains might have problems reading about a certain story. Those people find it much easier to watch a movie as the visualization work is done for them. (See Why some people find it hard to read a book?)

  6. The experience is more indulging

    The movie experience will usually be more indulging. The sounds effects, the music, the visuals and the other effects combined make the experience more real to many people.

  7. They don’t care about little details

    Many people prefer to watch movies and don’t like to read the books because they don’t really care about knowing more details as long as they get a chance to see the full story.

  8. They are thrill-seekers

    According to psychologists, thrill seekers are the type of people who always seek some kind of stimulation to stay excited. Thrill seekers might find books boring compared to movies. (See Why Do Some People Like Horror Movies?)

  9. Going to the movies is a pleasant event

    Many people enjoy going to the movies no matter kind of movie they are seeing. It is considered a pleasant event where they meet friends, buy popcorn and enjoy the movie.

  10. They don’t know about the books

    Many people go to the movies without realizing that some of them are actually based on books or novels. Those people usually follow the latest news about movies and watch them as soon as they are released.

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