Who is Ella Kaye in The Great Gatsby?

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A person meets many people in his life who have the role of a passerby while the others leave a lasting impact on his life. This impact can be positive or negative. It is possible that some people may shake his life and disturb the usual flow of it. The same is the case with the characters of the novels and movies where some characters just stand by while others are the influencers and game changers. One such character is Ella Kaye in the Great Gatsby. Do you know what did Ella Kaye do to Gatsby? Who was the Owl Eyes in the Great Gatsby? Let’s begin and find it out.

1. What is The Great Gatsby?

It is a novel set in the Jazz Age of Long Island near New York City in 1925. The American Writer Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby is inspired by youthful romance. (See Summary of Sleeping Beauty Story Book)

2. Who are the Important Characters in the Story?

The story revolves around some elite personalities in Long Island and other people who are suspicious of the rich ones. The major characters in The Great Gatsby are as follows:

  • Jay Gatsby
  • Dan Cody
  • Nick Carraway
  • Daisy Buchanan
  • Ella Kaye
  • Thomas Buchanan or Tom
  • Jordan Baker
  • George B. Wilson
  • Myrtle Wilson
  • Owl Eyes

3. Who is Jay Gatsby?

His original name mentioned in the story is James Gatz or Jimmy. He is a young but mysterious millionaire who is thought to have some shady business connections from North Dakota. In World War I, he was stationed as a young military officer in Camp Taylor in Louisville, a United States Army Camp. After the war, he studied for a short period at Trinity College, Oxford in England. Afterward, in the story, it was revealed that Gatsby had bootlegging endeavors. It means he was involved with the illegal manufacture, sale, or distribution of goods, preferably alcohol or recordings. Must see What is the Central Idea of The Way to Rainy Mountain?

4. Who was Dan Cody?

Dan Cody was one of the most successful mining businessmen in his 50s. He has acquired incredible prestige and immense wealth in his lifetime. Whatever Gatsby learned in his life was taught to him by Cody. After this, he learned how to live the life of a wealthy and classy person. Cody was a person who is regarded as his mentor of Gatsby and the person who gave Gatsby the taste of the Elite Life in society. (See How many Harry Potter books are there?)

5. Who is Nick Carraway in the Great Gatsby?

He is also a World War I veteran and an alumnus of Yale University from the Midwest. He is shown as a 29 years old person and a newly arrived resident of the West Egg. He is the first-person narrator and the neighbor of Gatsby. He is an easy-going and optimistic person which suits his job as a bond salesman. (See What is the Setting of the Gift of the Magi?)

6. Who is Ella Kaye in the Great Gatsby?

Ella Kaye in the Great Gatsby was a reporter and a lover of Dan Cody. She has been an important person in the life of Dan Cody as he takes all the important decisions as per her advice. She was depicted as more like the mistress of Dan Cody. However, she is seen as a suspicious character after the death of Dan Cody. Must read Why is it Called Lamb to the Slaughter?

7. Who was Daisy Buchanan from Great Gatsby?

She is a young and selfish lady who is a new socialite from Louisville, Kentucky. She is identified as a flapper. She had a romantic relationship with Gatsby, but later she married Tom Buchanan. This love triangle and the choice that she made were one of the central conflicts of the novel. (See How this Book was Made?)

8. Who was Thomas Buchanan or Tom?

He is a muscular man with a gruff voice and a disrespectful attitude. He is the husband of Daisy Buchanan and one of the millionaires living in East Egg. In his young days, he was the football star at Yale with a belief that white people are superior to others (white supremacists). (See Pinocchio Story Summary)

9. Who was Jordan Baker?

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She is an amateur golf player with a sarcastic nature. She is a longtime friend of Daisy but mostly stays aloof from others. In a major part of the novel, she is shown as the girlfriend of Nick Carraway, but they separated towards the end of the novel. Every other character, including Ella Kaye in the Great Gatsby, holds an important position in the story. (See Can Othello be Considered a Tragic Hero?)

10. Who is George B. Wilson in the Great Gatsby?

He is the owner of the garage, but his personality is disliked by his own wife, Myrtle Wilson. In the novel, Tom Buchanan also dislikes him, which is clear from his quote in the novel, which says, so dumb he does not know he is alive. But his character has an important place in the story because towards the end of the story he killed Gatsby after Myrtle was killed by a car. George believed that Gatsby was driving that car, but it was not the truth. After he discovers the truth, he kills himself. (See What is the Story behind 241543903?)

11. Who was Myrtle Wilson in the Great Gatsby?

She is shown as the wife of George but at the same time, she is the mistress of Tom Buchanan. She is hopeless with her marriage and wants to take refuge in someone else from her marriage. She got killed by the car that was owned by Gatsby after she ran behind it thinking that Tom was still driving it. Check out The Story of an Hour Themes.

12. Who is the Owl Eyes in the Great Gatsby?

After getting to know about Ella Kaye in the Great Gatsby, here comes another interesting character. He is depicted as a person who always wears spectacles and is mostly drunk. Nick Caraway met him on his first visit to the party at the mansion of Jay Gatsby. He is known as the Owl Eyes in The Great Gatsby because of the judgments that he gave on different aspects. No one was interested in knowing his real name throughout the story. (See Does Peeta die in The Hunger Games?)

13. What happened to Dan Cody?

One day he invited Gatsby to join him on his yachting trip which lasted for 5 years. They voyaged around the world during which Cody died. It is mentioned that one day Ella Kaye boarded Dan Cody on their yacht in Boston, and within a week Dan Cody died. (See What is the Theme of The Masque of the Red Death?)

14. What did Ella Kaye do to Gatsby?

After the death of Dan Cody, it was revealed in his will that Gatsby will inherit his $25000. He was the only heir of Cody as he had no family. But Ella Kaye took the advantage of her profession and authority. Through legal planning and scheme, she cheated Gatsby and transferred the will in her name. This way, the amount supposed to be transferred by Dan Cody to Jay Gatsby was taken from him by Ella Kaye in the Great Gatsby story. (See Why did Darry feel Hatred for Paul Holden?)

15. What happened to Gatsby after Cody Died?

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After the sudden and mysterious death of Dan Cody, he was about to inherit $25000. Unfortunately, Ella Kaye in the Great Gatsby story cheated on him and took the fortune under her name. This left Gatsby with only the knowledge that he gained from his mentor Cody in his life. He restarted his life by implementing those teachings in his life and business that made him the richest person on the block.

So, today you got to know about Ella Kaye in the Great Gatsby along with other main characters. Even though she was doubted in hastening the death of Dan Cody, what did Ella Kaye do to Gatsby proved that those suspicions were more or less true. Moreover, we have also mentioned about the character of Owl Eyes in the Great Gatsby. (See Why did Dumbledore have to Die in Harry Potter?)

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