How do I Find my Passion?

How to Find Your Passion and Live a Fulfilling Life? How to find my passion? Why am I unable to find my passion?
  1. Try many things

    Sometimes the best way to find your passion is to try new things. As soon as you come across something related to your passion you will quickly get attached to it.

  2. Try new hobbies

    Don’t stick to your old hobbies, try new ones whenever you get a chance. One of the new hobbies you try might lead you to your passion.

  3. Understand your core needs

    Your core needs and your passions are connected. By understanding your core needs you will easily be able to guess what type of work you will enjoy doing. If for example you need to be the center of attention then being an actor might be the right path for you.

  4. Break the cycle of routine

    You need to stop doing what you are doing for a few days. Sticking to old patterns will never lead to new discoveries. Change your daily routine and stop doing your usual habits for sometime.

  5. Change your job frequently

    When you find your passion you will know it. You don’t need to work for 6 months before you realize that you are doing something you don’t like. Change your job if you didn’t feel passionate about it. Keep doing so until you find your passion.

  6. Be brave

    Sometimes finding your passion will require you to walk in a totally different path. In order to be able to walk that path you need to develop a lot of courage, or else you will stop searching under the effect of criticism. (See Is it important to follow my passion?)

  7. Free some time each day

    If you live a busy life or if your daily routine is not giving you any free time then it will be very hard to find your passion. In order to find your passion you need some free time everyday for discovery purposes.

  8. Try to recall your childhood hobbies

    Your childhood hobbies might be strongly connected to your passion. Revisit those hobbies, try doing them again and see where that leads you. Most probably you will end up finding your passion.

  9. Start from the end

    Ask yourself where you want to be years from now. The answer to that question, if answered correctly, should give you an idea about the direction you should take.

  10. Don’t search for a job in order to get a job

    If you are searching for a job for the goal of having a job then you will certainly never find your passion. Try to work for something you love or at least something you don’t hate.

  11. Never follow the crowd

    When you walk in crowds you will end up doing the same things they do and as a result your chance of finding your passion will be very low. Dare to be different in order to find your passion. (See Why you should not follow the crowd?)

  12. Always be curious

    Always be curious to try the things your friends are interested in even if they seem useless. So many people discovered their passions when they accidentally did something they never thought was useful.

  13. Can you do it for free?

    What is the thing that you would love to do even if you are not going to get paid? When you find something that you really love to do even if there is no financial benefit then know that you found your passion.

  14. What do you do in your free time?

    Is there anything that you love doing in your free time? Your passion is the thing that you feel like doing whenever you have free time.

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