Why you should not follow the crowd?

Alex Williams
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  1. Peer pressure can force many people to make wrong decisions

  2. Most people aren’t successful

    Successful people are always the minority of every group. If a person followed the footsteps of the general public then they are very likely to end up with average results.

  3. Most people are unhappy

    Most people are unhappy and not satisfied with their lives. When a person follows the crowd they might end up with the same happiness levels of the general public or even lower.

  4. Each person has their own unique needs

    Each person has their own unique needs that they must satisfy in order to be happy. If a person follows the crowd then they most likely won’t satisfy their specific needs and might end up feeling unhappy.

  5. Groupthink can lead to wrong decisions

    In many cases groupthink was found to lead to many wrong decisions as people try to match the opinion of the majority to blend in.

  6. People believe the majority is correct

    According to social proof theory, people look for others for guidance when they don’t know what to do. If a person found so many people agreeing on an opinion then they might automatically support that opinion without questioning it. (See Why do humans join groups?)

  7. People stick to their comfort zones inside groups

    Inside groups, most members will stick to their comfort zones and prevent themselves from trying anything new. This might force the whole group to miss many opportunities.

  8. Groups scare those who try to deviate from norms

    When a person tries something different, the members of the group might quickly scare them in order for them to act like the group. The members of the group do this out of fear.

  9. Groups can be irrational

    Some studies have shown that groups of people can do irrational things while each individual member would still think that they are doing the right thing because the whole group is doing it.

  10. Negative beliefs are passed to other members

    Negative beliefs can diffuse fast through a group and infect all the members. A new comer can easily acquire the false beliefs and then consider them facts. (See Why are some people very pessimistic?)

  11. Groups are prone to groupthink

    According to Wikipedia, groupthink is a phenomenon that occurs within groups where the desire for harmony and belonging can make people think irrationally and do irrational things.

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