10 Scientific Benefits of Reading Books

Alex Williams
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We have compiled a list of 10 scientific benefits of reading books. Reading is the key to making the impossible possible. It is the gateway skill that makes all other learning feasible. The more we read, the more we learn! Reading is the only means through which the reader can live a thousand lives before their death. While we can never buy time and happiness, you can always buy a book and rejoice in its magical world. Reading imparts the capability to understand, process, create and implement. It trains the mind to schedule thoughts and actions, guiding us in the path of contest and achievement.

1. Provides New Approach Towards Life

This is one of the main scientific benefits of reading books. There are times when we feel a bit off about ongoings in our life. For instance, when we go through a tough time and need help to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul, reading works wonders to reinvigorate our inner self. Reading uncovers new formulae, conception, and approach towards various situations. It enables us to understand and perceive the world and ourselves from a different perspective.

Reading helps us to find hobbies and ultimately allows us to navigate work and home. It not only opens our minds but also helps us embrace changes in life. Simply put, it helps us to comprehend the world in a better manner.

2. Boosts Intelligence

Another scientific benefit of reading is that it boosts intelligence. Reading books helps us to become better as it imparts a finer understanding of the subjects we are interested in. Books have a lot of knowledge and information to offer, which proves to be highly beneficial, once acquired. Reading makes us smarter and sharper. The more we dig deep, the more our brain cells rewire and recalculate. This further helps to amend our way of doing things into a better one. After all, succeeding is all about knowing what steps are to be taken, at the right place and the right time. (See Why some people prefer Books over Movies?)

3. Induces Creativity & Imagination

Reading something new guides our imagination and creativity towards progress at a significantly higher rate. When we read something new,  knowingly or unknowingly, we implement it somewhere, someday. Reading books can help discover hidden talents and chalk out bigger plans. Hence, reading exposes us to newer worlds with endless possibilities.

4. Enhances Memory Retention

One of the main scientific benefits of reading is that it enhances memory retention. Our mind has an amazing capability to remember a lot of things. But, most of the time we fill it with negative thoughts, thus preventing the growth of the brain. However, when we read, we concentrate on the words, which marks a belief of importance in our mind. It, thereby, helps us to relate to the topic when we need to. When we remember things more than others can, it endows a sense of confidence, positive energy, and the urge to learn more. (See How to Read 52 Books a Year?)

5. Refurbishes Vocabulary

Reading has helped to build & increase the vocabulary of every literate person on this planet. Regular reading can help you assert correct spellings & sentences and rectify grammatical & syntactical mistakes. Self-education is a great way to learn as it requires focus and implementation. Moreover, with the volume and type of content spread over all genres, reading can improve one’s communicative skills and persona as well.

6. Motivates Towards Success

One of the scientific benefits of reading is that it motivates and inspires. Reading autobiographies of prominent change-makers can help us move through the toughest phases of life towards success. It can help improve the thought process, the distillation of concepts, and/ or doubt-solving skills. In order to succeed, the desire for reading should overshadow the fear of uncertainty and failure.

7. Ignites Positivity

A positive mindset always brings positive changes to life. There are numerous stories about fighters who have transformed the unimaginable into the achievable. Reading these stories inspires us to stay determined, teaches us to accept the flaws when we commit a mistake, and to make changes in our plans, if necessary. Learning from our faults will stop us from repeating them. Therefore, it helps us to train our mind to see the good in everything & everyone and to learn & grow.

8. Diminishes Stress

Reading for pleasure can heal our stressed souls and refresh our monotonous lifestyle. Studies have shown that reading can ease the tension in muscles and the heart, and can promote better blood circulation throughout the body. It thus prevents stress and related issues. Reading can often be an escape from the bustling reality, into a tension-free, creative world filled with lessons and fun. (See Why do some people like comic books?)

9. Acts as Mental Exercise

Another one of scientific benefits of reading is that it revives our mind. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. As quoted rightly by Joseph Addison, our brain needs some stimulation to keep the thinking process on track. Reading benefits the functioning of our brain when we coordinate our mind with the printed text.

10.  Source of Expert Learning

The greatest discoveries of mankind have been recorded through books, manuscripts, etc. These are great sources of imparting knowledge and can further lead to innovation and development. Scientists like Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, naturalists like Charles Darwin, have been able to sustain and circulate their theories to date only because people have read their works and have verified them. Deeper research can lead to more discoveries in the future, as research includes thinking and application, both of which are improved through minute reading. (Also See How many Harry Potter books are there?)

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