Why some people don’t like going to weddings?

Do you hate weddings? If so, why? 12 Reasons why I don’t like weddings
  1. They are loud

    Weddings are usually very loud, whether it’s the music or people talking, which bothers some people and makes them not want to go.

  2. There are people they don’t like

    Some people prefer not to attend weddings they’re invited to if there’s a chance of meeting someone they don’t like there.

  3. They don’t like small talk

    Weddings are all about small talk and mingling with different people, which some people dislike and are not good at.

  4. They don’t like dressing up

    Many people dislike going to weddings because they have to dress up, as men have to wear suits and women have to wear fancy dresses.

  5. Some girls don’t like putting on make up

    Some girls dread having to go to weddings because it’s almost a must they put make up on, which they might not like doing.

  6. They are against the concept of weddings

    Some people are against the concept of getting married and having weddings as a whole. In this case, they dislike going since they don’t support the cause.

  7. They don’t like dancing

    Some people don’t like dancing and others are not good at dancing. In this case, they would prefer not to go to avoid this social activity. (See Why some people don’t like family gatherings?)

  8. They don’t like nosy people

    Some people at weddings are nosy and always want to know if a person is going to get married soon.

  9. Bad choice of music

    Some weddings play really bad music, which could annoy some guests.

  10. They are introverts

    Introverts usually prefer to stay at home and not mingle with big groups of people. For most of them, weddings are stressful events. (See The body language of introverts)

  11. They are antisocial

    Antisocial people would prefer not going to weddings to avoid having to talk to people at all.

  12. They are forced to go

    Some people hate going to weddings because they’re usually forced to go to make the bride and groom happy.

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