Why some people don’t like family gatherings?

Why some people are anti-social and hate family gatherings? Why are family gatherings so stressful?
JAN23 Why some people don’t like family gatherings?
  1. They have social anxiety

    People who have social anxiety might feel a little nervous and hesitant in the family get together. They try and avoid such situations and choose to stay alone or with people with whom they feel comfortable.

  2. They don’t like their relatives

    This can be considered a valid point as if you do not like your cousins or relatives, and then you would make all the efforts to ignore the family gatherings.

  3. Their relatives are nosy

    Various relatives try to put their nose in others’ lives to know what is happening in their personal lives. Many people do not like people getting into their lives, and thus they avoid such kind of relatives and meeting them. (See What makes people Nosey?)

  4. They’re loud

    A lot of people feel that family gathering is all about too much noise and headache-inducing. Therefore they opt not to attend these kinds of family gatherings.

  5. They have better things to do

    Many people are very much occupied in their lives, so they choose to do other things in life rather than attend a family get together.

  6. They hate small talk

    Several people dislike short talks, so they choose not to go to the family gathering. As family meets are about small discussions and small conversations. (See Why some people don’t like to talk?)

  7. They don’t like the holidays

    Numerous people dislike holiday seasons, and therefore they hate family gets together as it also happens during that period.

  8. They feel like they don’t belong

    Many people think that their personality and vibe do not match with their relatives or cousins, so they avoid attending them.

  9. They’re introverts

    People who are introverts love staying alone and spending time with their close ones only. They don’t like to be a part of big gatherings and feel uncomfortable there. This is why they don’t savour family gatherings and avoid being a part of them.

  10. They are forced to go

    There are loads of parents who force their children to attend family gatherings as they do not like visiting them. As they are forced, they start to develop hatred towards family gatherings as a whole.

  11. Due to ideological differences

    In the family gatherings, relatives start discussing topics like politics, culture, and other things that might not match their ideology. This conflict in the understanding and ideas makes a person hesitant to attend family get together.

  12. They’d rather stay at home

    Numerous people love spending time alone and enjoy the quietness, particularly introverts. Because of this nature and love towards silence, they avoid going to family gatherings.

  13. They are depressed

    JAN23 Why some people don’t like family gatherings?

    If a person is depressed, they will choose to stay alone or with their close ones. People who are depressed shun family gatherings or any big gatherings, just like meeting the ones they love or no one else.

  14. They feel disconnected

    Many people do not see their family members often, and they start feeling disconnected from them. In such cases, when they attend family gatherings, they feel uncomfortable and uneasy around them; thus, they scorn the family gatherings.

  1. For me it’s mostly 2,5,8,and 10, for most of the time I just want to be just with either with my mom and dad or with my closest friends. Gatherings with relatives particularly on my mom’s side who I see more often are some of the things that I look forward to. Sure that may not loud or resort to small talk but I just don’t belong and they have differences in their lifestyle and interests. It’s also a way of taking away from the things we wanna do as an immediate family or with my closest friends. It’s even a lot more annoying if it was planned at a last minute and I even hate it more. My dad doesn’t mind not going but mom always says to just go out of inner debt. What?

    Going to these gatherings is like treating us like pressure cookers. We’re just your relatives! We’re not pressure cookers!

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