Why some people don’t like to talk?

Why some people are hard to talk to but not others? Why some people don't like to talk?

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  1. 1 They are introverts

    It is not like introverts cannot talk with strangers, but they don't want to talk with people they do not know much about. Whereas, extroverts are just the opposite, as they love talking with strangers and are totally comfortable in initiating an engaging conversation with them.

  2. 2 They are self-inhibited

    People who are self-inhibited often restrain themselves from talking to others. It could be because of their lack of self-confidence, inferiority complex, or shy behavior.

  3. 3 They are anti-social

    Some people also do not like social gatherings, and hence, they avoid going to the events where a large group of people would see each other. Anti-Social people usually do not like to meet new people; they feel comfortable with their limited group of friends and relatives.

  4. 4 They are afraid to speak

    Some people are afraid that what if they speak about something wrong with the strangers. This holds them back against talking in the presence of strangers, so they prefer to avoid talking. (See how can a man tell if they have high testosterone)

  5. 5 They lack confidence

    People who have self-confidence issues often hesitate to talk in front of others

  6. 6 They don't share the same interests

    If a conversation has already been built up regarding something that does not intrigue you or maybe you have not heard regarding that subject, in those cases, people prefer not to talk. On the contrary, you would have a lot to say in others' presence if you find something to say within your area of interest.

  7. 7 They don’t feel comfortable

    Some people feel uncomfortable while talking to a stranger. As their feeling is like what should I talk with them? So they talk less or very limited with them. (See What Causes an Inferiority Complex?)

  8. 8 They are perfectionists

    One of the reasons is that those people who talk less are perfectionists, so they speak less. As they do not want anything to say unless they are sure that whatever they are going to speak will sound perfect or not.

  9. 9 Wavelength does not match

    If a person is talking to another person, and they are not on the same wavelength, they won't tend to agree with each other. Because they do not share the same opinions and interests, they think it is better to avoid talking rather than starting any conflict/argument.

  10. 10 They are concerned about something

    When something is going in the back of some people's minds, or they are undergoing a major problem in their life, this could be one of the reasons they become less talkative.

  11. 11 They have high levels of testosterone

    If a person is suffering from high testosterone, it can make a person talk less and tend to become anti-social.

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