Why some people don’t like to talk?

Why some people are hard to talk to but not others? Why some people don't like to talk?

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  1. 1 They are introverts

    Introverts like talking just like extroverts, but they might not be comfortable talking in the presence of strangers, and so they might seem like they don't want to talk. See why some people are extroverted.

  2. 2 They are shy

    Shy people might feel inhibited in the presence of others, especially people that they don't know well, and as a result, they might prefer not to talk.

  3. 3 They are antisocial

    People with antisocial personality disorder might have a great disregard to people's emotions and interests. Antisocial people might not feel like talking to others.

  4. 4 They have high levels of testosterone

    According to research, high levels of testosterone can make a person less talkative, more independent and less interested in socializing. See how can a man tell if they have high testosterone.

  5. 5 They are self-inhibited

    Self-inhibited people might suffer from different types of self-inhibited thoughts that can prevent them from talking to others. Self-inhibition can be caused by lack of self-confidence, shyness or inferiority feelings.

  6. 6 They are concerned about something

    When a person gets very concerned about a problem, they become less talkative, as they focus more on their internal self dialogue than on their external environment. Those people usually become talkative again after their problems are dealt with. See why some people talk too much.

  7. 7 They are afraid to speak

    Some people fear speaking, especially in the presence of strangers, in order not to say something wrong or mess things up. Those people usually become talkative when they deal with their self-confidence problems.

  8. 8 They don't have similar interests

    If a person has few interests, they might not find something to say in the presence of others due to the lack of common interests.

  9. 9 They have self-confidence problems

    People who have low self-confidence or who have self-confidence related problems might find it hard to speak in the presence of others.

  10. 10 They are perfectionists

    Perfectionists are the people who always want to perfect everything. Perfectionists might not say anything unless they make sure that it will sound perfect, and as a result, they might remain silent.

  11. 11 They don't feel comfortable

    A large number of people don't feel comfortable in the presence of strangers. Those people might talk less or not even talk as long as they feel uncomfortable.

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