What is a Matinee Age?

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There was a time when technology was not enhanced and advanced. Today kids are roaming around with smartphones, tablets, and laptops with an internet connection. It gives them access to everything even that which they have not required to have. However, if you could remember, there was a time when watching a movie in the theater needed age confirmation. Also, there were shows based on time one such was a matinee show. Do you know what is a matinee age? Who is a matinee? What does matinee ticket mean? Why are they cheaper? Let’s begin and find out.

1. What is a Matinee?

What is a matinee age? It is the minimum age required for a kid to go and enjoy the matinee show when it was popular among the people. A particular show, play, exhibition, performance, or movie that is played especially during the afternoon is known as a matinee. Yes, it is preferably during the least busy hours of the day. During this time of the day, there is not much rush and thus matinee offers considerably good seats at cheaper rates. The show begins typically after the morning hours and ends before evening. (See Why do people binge-watch TV shows?)

2. Who is a Matinee Idol?

The term idol was mainly used for film stars or theater stars who were quite famous among their fans. These were mostly the leading or second lead actors with good looks. This term was used predominantly during the 1920s and till the 1960s. (See 20 Best Black Actors in film)

3. What are Matinee Timings?

Different theaters offer different timings, but they are preferably not for the earliest hours in the morning and not for the last hours of the night. At some places, it will be between 9 am and 12 noon, then from 12 noon to 3 pm. Another slot is from 03:30 pm to 06:30 pm. These timings are mostly influenced by the usual busy hours of the theater according to which the theater will arrange the matinee shows. (See 20 Best 70s TV shows)

4. What does Matinee Ticket mean?

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Before knowing about what is a matinee age, remember that the term matinee can be used for referring to various entertainment shows and not only movies. However, any entertainment act or show taking place during the afternoon was termed a matinee. It can be considered different from usual tickets because a matinee ticket is cheaper. Also, these tickets can offer better seating mostly of your preference and choice because at this time of the day seats are less occupied than at night shows. Must see 9 Facts about Organizing a Flash Mob.

5. Why are Matinee Tickets Cheaper?

During the day most people are in offices and kids are in school. Most of the population is working during matinee hours. That left the organizers with only a handful of visitors. To tackle the time of least sales, organizers came up with the idea of reducing the prices of the show tickets during afternoon hours hoping to attract customers. (See What Was The First Movie In Colour?)

6. Does every Theater offers Matinee Show?

This depends largely on the size and working of the theater. If it is a local or historical theater, the traffic is usually less irrespective of the show timings and ticket price. Therefore, they consider it a waste of money to organize a matinee show as they are usually at a loss during other working hours of the day. In such a case, offering a discount on the tickets will only be a burden on them. (Also read Anthropomorphic Art Meaning with Examples)

7. What is a Matinee Age?

This term is basically for the age of the people purchasing the ticket because the ticket price varies from kids to adults. The price of the ticket for a kid under 12 years and senior citizens above 62 years is the cheapest in the category. Whereas, people between 12 and 61 years have the same price range which is slightly more than the kids and elderly people. For example, in a theater, for a 3D matinee movie show they offer the following prices:

  • Children less than 12 years – $6.50 – $10.50
  • People between 13 and above – $10.25 and $14.50
  • Senior citizens above 62 years – $6.50 – $10.25

Here, to answer what is a matinee age, you can see that different age groups have to pay different prices for matinee movie tickets. (Also read What Does 3D Mean?)

8. What is the Cheapest Matinee Day?

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Theaters organize matinee shows on all weekdays, but the ticket prices are different on alternate days. It is dependent on the number of days that particular movie is shown in the matinee show. You will be amazed to know that the price for the movie that is already in theaters during weekdays (Monday to Thursday) will be much less than that. However, the price of the ticket for the movie put up during weekends will be a bit higher. (See History of Dark Room Film)

9. What is the Matinee Disco?

In the journey of knowing what is a matinee age, there is matinee disco too. Usually, the term disco is used for a nightclub where there is music and dance, and it is mostly filled with teenagers. The open hours of the discos are usually after evening or midnight. But in some countries, they offer this nightclub before midnight. In the 1990s, when youngsters were prohibited from going to dance clubs and nightclubs that serve alcoholic drinks, then the matinee disco came into existence. (See First Full Length Movie Ever Made)

10. What is the Matinee Disco Age?

Since it is for teenagers, the average age range is between 14 and 18 years. However, some clubs permit the entry of kids at 13 years of age. The timings are strictly from evening till midnight only, which is 8 pm to midnight or even till 11:30 pm. (See Why The Godfather is a cinema classic?)

11. What are the Benefits of Matinee?

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You must be wondering if they offer matinee shows on weekends, then the answer is yes. You can enjoy the matinee even on weekends. Other than this, there are various benefits of the matinee, as mentioned here:

  • You do not have to wait in long queues to purchase the ticket.
  • You can get the ticket online for the matinee even if you decide to go just an hour ago.
  • No need to track the date for getting that early bird ticket for saving money.
  • It is faster and cheaper to get matinee tickets in comparison to usual tickets. Only you have to consider what is a matinee age.
  • You are at ease if you do not like crowds.
  • There will be the least disturbances during the movie.
  • It can be a good way to spend time with friends and family if you do not have a day shift at work.
  • There are additional discounts on snacks and eatables. You can get free refills at some theaters during matinee hours.

So, with this, you finally understood what is a matinee age. The answer to the question about who is a matinee is related to the actors performing in the play or the movie. You also got to know what does matinee ticket mean, and why they are cheaper than other tickets. Well then, what is the latest matinee that you watched? (Also read What are the Major Elements of Cinematic Design?)

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