20 Best 70s TV shows

Alex Williams
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  1. All in the Family

    This show was aired in 1971 and became so famous that it had five seasons. People loved this series because it was the first show that depicted real-life issues that were rarely shown on TV before. This story is about a family living in Queens. Two couples live under the same roof, and the story is centred on them.

  2. M*A*S*H

    This show was first broadcasted in 1972 and came till 1983. Its story is uncommon in a group of army doctors and support staff at the 4077th Mobil Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean wars that forded from 1950 to 1953. It is said to be one of the most excellent shows in all of the television chronicle.

  3. Happy Days

    This show was amongst the best and most popular shows in the 70s. It started as a feel-good show that concentrated on the loneliness and charm of teens. This show had a great comedy, and it revolves around a group of teenagers and their parents.

  4. WKRP in Cincinnati

    It is an American comedy television series that was aired in 1978. Its cast comprises eight amazing people who struggle at a radio station to make ends meet. This show is full of fun and comedy, which made it a massive hit of the ’70s.

  5. Soap

    This show was broadcasted in 1971 and was aired during the night. It started by defaming the middle-class values and finished up admiring them. There were very intense topics of the show, such as the emphasis on sex and loyalty in a relationship and racial biasness, which made it the best show of the 70s and an all-time favourite.

  6. The Mary Tyler Moore Show

    This show has always been known for its influence on people as it centres on a single woman who works as a producer. As in 70s women were only considered to be a housewife. This was an unusual concept, and people truly loved it.

  7. Charlie’s Angels

    It is an American television drama series that became the number one jiggle shoe. It comprised of three beautiful women who were detectives and were called Charlie’s Angels.

  8. Roots

    This show came for a concise period in January 1977, but it became a phenomenon. It just had eight episodes, yet in such a small span, it gained millions of views. Its last episode had over 130 million viewers, which was a record at that time. (See Why do people binge-watch TV shows?)

  9. Saturday Night Live

    This show was aired on October 11, 1975. This show gained a lot of attention because of its unique comedy and humour made by its cast members, especially Chevy Chase and Bill Murray. People loved this show because of its unique features and great comedy.

  10. Dallas

    It is a long-run American prime television soap that started in 1978 and came till 1991. It is focused on the shenanigans of the Texas family, the Ewings, and their oil empire. This show initially began with a romantic couple and issue amongst their families, and then it changed to the sleazy tricks in their oil business.

  11. The Bob Newhart Show

    This show emerged to bring a new wave in comedy television. This show majorly revolves around Dr Robert Hartley (Newhart), who is a psychologist. It has been shown how he makes a balance between his personal and domestic life.

  12. Barney Miller

    This show started in 1975 and came till 1982. It is a refreshing cop comedy show circled by naïve detectives bringing in accusations and dealing with their crimes.

  13. The Muppet Show

    It is a family comedy television show that was produced by a puppeteer. This was a primetime show, which focused on kid-friendliness and the brand of self-awareness. It became so famous that it won Emmys award four times, Grammy award, Peabody award, and BAFTAs 3 times.

  14. Sanford and Son

    It is said to be one of the first African-American TV sitcoms, which made way for various people. This show had six seasons, and all of them were equally good. It is a comedy series based on a father and son who live in South Central, LA, and operate a junk business.

  15. 1Three’s Company

    This is one of the top sitcoms of the 70s because of the comedy that they did. It was based on a big misunderstanding and how they turned it into humour. It is majorly centred on Janet, Chrissy, and Jack, who live as roommates in a Santa Monica flat.

  16. Hawaii Five-O

    It is an American procedural drama series that focuses on state police operating all through the Hawaiian Islands. It was a great show, and for its great concept and entertainment, it also got the nomination for Best drama in Emmy.

  17. Wonder Woman

    This show was broadcasted in 1975 and is made on the DC comic book superheroine of the identical name. It shows the adventures of the greatest female superheroes. Its main characters were Lynda Carter, Lyle Waggoner, and Tom Kratochvil. (See Why Do We Like Superheroes?)

  18. Kojak

    It is an American television series that was aired in 1973. Its title character was Telly Savalas, and the other main characters are Dan Frazer and Kevin Dobson. Telly is a modest and robust police detective with a hotheaded righteous attitude who battles against crime in the city.

  19. The Streets of San Francisco

    This show came in 1972 and was on a veteran cop who has over two years of experience and is aligned with a young Inspector to solve crimes in San Francisco. It is fun to watch them solving crime cases and how they get used to working with each other.

  20. Fantasy Island

    This show was one of the best shows of the 70s as it was just so different from others. In this show, there is a unique resort in the Pacific Ocean where various visitors come, and they fulfil their requested fantasy, but it never turns out as expected.

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